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Words Asking

The whole problem can be stated quite simply by asking, 'Is there a meaning to music?' My answer would be, 'Yes.' And 'Can you state in so many words what the meaning is?' My answer to that would be, 'No.'

- Aaron Copland

Say Everything

Say yes to everything.

- Aaron Swartz

Process Actually

Yes, sir, I was in the processing room watching them actually process the film.

- Abraham Zapruder

Matters Most

Saying no frees you up to say yes when it matters most.

- Adam Grant

Being About

Being a giver is not about saying yes to all of the people all of the time to all of the requests.

- Adam Grant

Here TV

I've done shows that aired on American TV, but none of them proved to be successful, so yes, no one here knows who I am.

- Adam Rayner

Olympic Figure

Yes, I am the Olympic champion, but this is not the end of it. I want all the gold that there is out there, everything that exists in figure skating. In all events, in all competitions.

- Adelina Sotnikova

Plastic Surgery Right

Do I believe in plastic surgery? Yes, if something is wrong and you can modify it. For certain people, it's right.

- Aerin Lauder

Pretty Public

Yes, I do get recognized in public. It's pretty nice.

- Aisha Tyler

Loud Took

People took part in the referendum because they were tired of the war. They are afraid of talking about it out loud, but they have shown exactly where they stand: Yes, we want peace, and we want to be a part of Russia.

- Akhmad Kadyrov

Think I Think

Yes, I think poker really isn't gambling.

- Al Alvarez

Sold Edison

Yes, my grandfather worked with Thomas Edison on the electric car, and he sold electric cars at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.

- Al Jardine

My Life Before

Oh, yes, that never happened to me in my life before. It was a risky film, and I warned the producer.

- Alain Resnais

1930s Another

Yes, I'm a reasonably good self-taught historian of the 1930s and '40s. I've never wanted to write about another time or place. I wouldn't know what to say about contemporary society.

- Alan Furst

Biology Chemistry

The kitchen's a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. It's biology, chemistry, physics. Yes, there's history. Yes, there's artistry. Yes, to all of that. But what happened there, what actually happens to the food is all science.

- Alton Brown

Regret Career

I don't regret any of my decisions. But yes, I feel that I should have planned my career well in Bollywood. But then again, I did not have any guidance. There was no one to tell me the dos and don'ts.

- Amruta Khanvilkar

Tension Makes

The tension between 'yes' and 'no', between 'I can' and 'I cannot', makes us feel that, in so many instances, human life is an interminable debate with one's self.

- Anatole Broyard

Words Had

I had moments of my actions and words not reflecting who it is I am - if that defines a punk, then yes, absolutely.

- Andre Agassi

Coverage Day One

The best solution would be for the federal government to say, 'Yes, we do provide coverage and it's from day one.'

- Andrew P. Harris

Feel Certainly

Oh yes, I certainly have low days. I feel that in treating the depression, it's not so much that I've become happier as it is that I can be unhappy in better ways.

- Andrew Solomon

Mum Answered

When I was about eight, I asked my mother if it was true that God knows everything about you. When she answered yes, I said, 'Then there's no hope for me, Mum.'

- Andrew Sullivan

Girlfriend Sure

Sure, yes, there are smoking-hot girls. But my girlfriend's smoking hot, my wife, whatever.

- Andy Grammer

Sometimes Get

Well of course I get depressed sometimes, yes I do.

- Angela Davis

Tell Visceral

When people tell me I can't do something, I have a visceral reflex to say, 'Yes, I can.'

- Angela Duckworth

Teacher Actually

Yes, I was actually an acting teacher for a while.

- Alanna Ubach

Intentions Them

Hell isn't merely paved with good intentions; it's walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.

- Aldous Huxley

Past Mexican

Yes, I am a Mexican, and I have a past and a culture. But what matters is the film itself, not where it was financed or cast.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Politics Within

That's my curse, I see the politics within these things and so I don't say yes to them.

- Alex Cox

Starting Say

When you're starting out, say yes to everything you can.

- Alex Weisman

Understand Worlds

Yes, across the board, these gentlemen understand they have the power to make a difference and even educate people to injustices that are occurring in their worlds.

- Alexis Arguello

Still Little People

Yes, we're still five little people with a noisy attitude.

- Angus Young

Doing Slightly

If I am comfortable, I say what I want to. But yes, while doing a comedy show, I am slightly reserved as a person. Since it's scripted, it's not a problem. I can manage.

- Anita Hassanandani Reddy

Myself Luckily

Luckily, voting machines register only 'yes' or 'no,' not 'yes, but I hate myself'.

- Ann Coulter

Woman Marriage

Yes, I am seeking a husband. As soon as the right man asks me, I shall say, 'It is not good for a woman to live alone.'

- Anna Held

Angels Believer

Yes, I'm a great believer in angels.

- Anna Lee

Know Played

Yes, I know I've played these women, but I'm not really conniving at all.

- Annette Bening

Participation Ashamed

Yes, I'm ashamed of my participation as a taxpayer in American drone bombing.

- Anohni

Embrace Mentality

Oh yes, there's lots of great food in America. But the fast food is about as destructive and evil as it gets. It celebrates a mentality of sloth, convenience, and a cheerful embrace of food we know is hurting us.

- Anthony Bourdain

Chef Want

I hated the Naked Chef. Fine, yes, he did good things for school food or whatever, but, you know, I don't want my chefs to be cute and adorable.

- Anthony Bourdain

Thought Learn

Oh yes. I'm an actor, so I just learn my lines, and show up and do it. I gave it a little bit of thought.

- Anthony Hopkins

Stupid Law

And what I would say now is, yes, if a state enacted a law permitting flogging, it is immensely stupid, but it is not unconstitutional. A lot of stuff that's stupid is not unconstitutional.

- Antonin Scalia

Passionate Movie

I can't just say yes to a movie. I have to be really passionate about it.

- Anya Taylor-Joy

Still Though

I am still married, yes - no children. I have Benzo, though; he's my dog, a Lhasa apso.

- Archie Panjabi

Always Been

Yes, I've always been fashion conscious.

- Aretha Franklin

Always Never

Oh, yes - being interested in acting never changes. Acting is in your blood, and of course I'll always be interested in it.

- Ariana Richards

Island Holy

Yes, I was born in Coney Island. The Holy Land.

- Arlo Guthrie

My Life

I see my boys about 10 days every month. And, yes, they are the most important people in my life.

- Arpad Busson

Depths Ask

The depths of the Depression. You didn't ask what the job was, what the pay was, you didn't ask about stock options, or - you said yes.

- Art Linkletter

Other Turned

Yes, I backed the hula hoop. And I had a lot of other people come to me with ideas that turned out well.

- Art Linkletter

Education Loved

I loved education, and, yes, I did want to go on learning.

- Arthur Hailey

Cost Real Person

The problem was to sustain at any cost the feeling you had in the theater that you were watching a real person, yes, but an intense condensation of his experience, not simply a realistic series of episodes.

- Arthur Miller

Think Bad

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton emphasized her experience. Yes, experience matters, but judgment matters more. Despite her experience, Hillary Clinton's poor decisions have produced bad results. Just think about it.

- Asa Hutchinson

Your Sure

If loving your job qualifies you as a workaholic, then yes, I am one for sure!

- Ashish Sharma

Generous Tasting

Chefs, as a whole, say yes to any project, fundraiser, or tasting because they have such a generous spirit.

- Charlie Trotter

City Town

Whether it's from the biggest, most powerful city, or from the dinkiest little podunk town, there is a certain attachment and connection, and yes, pride about where you came from.

- Cheech Marin

Education Need

Yes, people need food and education. But one of the cornerstones of any society is a well-functioning legal system.

- Cherie Blair

Love Happen

I believe in soulmates, yes, but I believe you also have to work at love. I happen to believe your soulmate doesn't have to be your partner - your soulmate could be your best friend, your sibling, it doesn't have to be the person you marry.

- Cheryl Cole

Very Troublemakers

I was very troubled, yes. Me and my brother both - we were troubled and troublemakers.

- Chloe Sevigny

Love Read

Why a ghost story? Well, I love them. They're fun to read - and, yes, fun to write.

- Chris Bohjalian

More Rather

But our leaders of today have decided it's more important to be popular, to say and do what's easy, and say yes rather than to say no, when no is what is required.

- Chris Christie

Need Based

How often are you really realigning yourselves on strategy? And does it need to be faster, based on how quickly your market actually changes? The answer is usually yes.

- Chris Fussell

Before Constitutional

I have two basic votes before I vote: is it constitutional, and is it in the interests of my people. If the answer is yes to both of them, then I vote for it, and I don't care who authored it.

- Chris Gibson

Problem Taking Time

Am I a workaholic? Yes, but I also have no problem taking time for myself.

- Chris Jericho

Right Terribly

Yes, this is Mango himself. Listen I'm terribly busy and don't have time for a phone interview right now.

- Chris Kattan

Question Pops

If the right guy pops the question, I'll say yes.

- Christine McVie

Been Multitude

I wasn't a spy. I'd have been spotted in five seconds. Yes, I was in intelligence, but that covered a multitude of things.

- Christopher Lee

Medical Agent

Yes, there is a story about Agent Orange, and we knew that it harmed our troops and we knew how long it was to get the medical community to accept that, the military to accept it, the VA to accept it.

- Christopher Shays

Ever Before

'No' is a dynamic that you've got to master before you can ever master 'yes.'

- Christopher Voss

World Living

Yes, writing is essential to me. It's my way of living in the world.

- Claire Messud

Never Studio

I have never had a studio, and I do not understand shutting oneself up in a room. To draw, yes; to paint, no.

- Claude Monet

Going Always

Yes, I'm always - I'm always surprised when you make a film and you live with it a while and you put it out, you never dream that anybody is ever going to want to really see it.

- Clint Eastwood

Deal Read

President Clinton signed a $10 million deal to write a book by 2003. Isn't that amazing? Yes, and get this, not only that, President Bush signed a $10 million deal to read a book by 2003.

- Conan O'Brien

Like Healthier

While you're pregnant, I suggest that you eat like you regularly do. Yes you can eat a little more, but eat healthier for as long as you can.

- Constance Marie

Reason Role

If the challenge wasn't there, there's no reason to say 'yes' to the role.

- Corey Hawkins

Get Oh

Oh, I do get lonely, yes.

- Courteney Cox

Film TV

I'd done kids' TV in the U.K., but not great kids' TV. So yes, 'Submarine' was the first film and the first good thing that I have done.

- Craig Roberts

Environment Committed

Yes, the Green Party is committed to a healthy environment. But the Green Party is not solely committed to just that.

- Cynthia McKinney

Think I Think

I think that fanaticism is terrific. As long as you don't have to live with it. Oh, yes, nobody should marry a writer.

- Cynthia Ozick

Wealth Lot

At the end of the day, yes, I'm looking to create a lot of wealth.

- Dan Gertler

Adversity My Life

Yes, I did shatter my leg, and it really changed my life, in a way. It wasn't much fun, but it did open me up, and as we all know intuitively, adversity can develop resources.

- Dan Millman

Education Will

We will invest in our people, quality education, job opportunity, family, neighborhood, and yes, a thing we call America.

- Dan Quayle

Bad Endeavor

Yes, I did try acting when I was in high school and I was terrible at it. So I definitely have had the experience of being bad at artistic endeavor.

- Dana Spiotta

Experience Stages

Yes, the experience of all stages of life are valuable, not just of youth.

- Daniel Petrie

Want Stubborn

I'm an Aries. Most of the time, whether I want to admit it or not, it describes me. I don't check my horoscope too often, but most of the time, yes, I'm fiery and stubborn.

- Daniela Bobadilla

Wife Circles

Yes, I travel in unusual circles. George Osborne and his wife Frances are my cousins.

- Daryl Hall

Better Person Could

Ask yourself: was there anything I could have done to prevent the situation? If the answer is yes, do something now and become a better person for it.

- Dave Pelzer

Project Feels

If a project feels good to you, say yes. And do it with everything that you have and hope that the outcome is good.

- Daveed Diggs

Dramatic Comics

If you look at Stan Lee and the Marvel comics, yes, there's a lot of awesome, serious and dramatic action that takes place.

- David Dastmalchian

Playing Lot

Yes, there's a lot of the blues in my playing.

- David Gilmour

Dream Original

Yes, I played in '92 with the original Dream Team, and then again in '96 with what they labeled 'Dream Team III.'

- David Robinson

Identity Castle

Yes, your home is your castle, but it is also your identity and your possibility to be open to others.

- David Soul

Like Distances

Yes, my dad's a marathoner. He used to do sprint distances and then started marathoning. My mom is an endurance animal. She does three-day events like the Susan G. Komen three-day walk.

- Dean Karnazes

Lot Ways

Yes, we do mimic our parents in a lot of ways.

- Deana Carter

Thought Been

Yes, I was mad at God because of the cancer diagnosis. I thought I should have been protected because of the work I do in the world.

- Debbie Ford

Still Ballet

I do take class because I still dance, and yes, I do slip into class with the Royal Ballet from time to time.

- Deborah Bull

Dislike Means

There's so many people that dislike you all the time, so when somebody loves anything that you do, you go 'Yes! Finally!' Even if it means the dyn-o-mite thing.

- Jimmie Walker

Crazy Laugh

Yes, I have this crazy honk of a laugh.

- Jimmy Carr

Love Listening

So, yes, there's nothing I love more than listening to directors talk about their movies.

- Jodie Foster

Away Nickelodeon

Anyone who knows me, knows I don't walk away from a commitment, but I had a commitment to myself. Yes, there were times Nickelodeon made it more difficult than it needed to be, but there were also times they made it easier.

- Joe Murray

Little Things Need

I need to find a church on Sunday. I need to say 'please' and 'thank you,' 'yes sir' and 'no ma'am.' Do the little things because that's part of being an adult.

- Joe Nichols