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Work Lot

The touring was crazy, it was a lot of work. But I enjoyed it.

- Adam Ant

Husband Doing

I couldn't be touring unless my husband was on the road with me, taking care of our son while I'm onstage and doing interviews.

- Alanis Morissette

Times Repetitive

Touring can be repetitive at times.

- Alison Mosshart

Hard Months

Touring is really hard because you're gone for three months at a time.

- Andy Grammer

Continuous Felt

I felt pressured by continuous touring.

- Andy Partridge

College Been

Well, I've never been in a touring rock band, it was all just high school and college, playing toga parties in frat houses.

- Alessandro Nivola

Doing Hang

We'll have these people hang out with us while we're doing our touring, and talk to them and let them speak their piece to the world.

- Anthony Kiedis

Two Excruciating

Touring for two years is excruciating.

- Chester Bennington

Love I Love

Touring is great because I love to travel.

- Colin Donnell

Hotels Lot

Traveling a lot and touring, you're in and out of hotels, and you don't have any comforts around.

- Conrad Sewell

Me Handle

Touring doesn't kill me and I can handle it.

- Daniel Johns

Fishing Greater

The juxtaposition between fishing and touring couldn't be greater.

- Dean Ween

Now Been

I've been touring now since about '68.

- Joe Cocker

People Normal

Touring is just not normal for me. My personality is to never ever talk to people if I can help it.

- John Darnielle

Like Studio

I like touring, I like being in the studio, a bit of both. I like to have a bit of time at home as well.

- John Deacon

Year Gotten

I've probably gone a month or two without playing guitar, just because I've gotten so burnt on it touring all year or whatever.

- Jonny Lang

Average Than

I don't do drugs anymore... than, say, the average touring funk band.

- Bill Hicks

Music Religion

Touring is my religion. Music is all-encompassing - my religion.

- Brendon Urie

Myself Like

Touring is what you make it. I like to organise as much as possible myself.

- Ian Anderson

Kind Big

I don't do interviews at all when I'm on tour, so this time, on a day off, I'll do that kind of thing a little bit. I don't do big promotion schedules, not when I'm touring.

- Bryan Ferry

Rock Main

My main professional experience is touring in a rock band.

- Bryce Dessner

Temporary Some

I'm a full member of Cheap Trick in all respects. Solely as an accommodation to some of the band members, I reluctantly agreed to take a temporary hiatus from touring.

- Bun E. Carlos

Singing Old

When I'm not touring, I sing at home, either at the piano or I'll pick up my guitar, singing old Buck Owens songs.

- Burton Cummings

Right Promoting

Touring and promoting and recording take a lot of time, it's just getting the right balance that's important.

- Jamelia

Shows Part

The best part of touring has to be playing shows.

- Jamie Hince

Doing One Thing

It's one thing to be twenty and touring the world, but doing it in your forties, you wake up with aches and pains.

- Jane Wiedlin

Like Actually

I don't actually like touring.

- Jeff Lynne

Better Tend

I tend to write better when I'm not touring.

- Keith Urban

Being Very

Being with my family is very important to me, and touring is very important to me, too, because it's who I am. It's what I do.

- Keith Urban

Regret Having

I used to suffer from a lot of regret while touring. Regret at having to leave certain places, people and situations, or just a beautiful day.

- Kiri Te Kanawa

Sisters Harris

I played with local bands and ended up touring with Scissor Sisters, Mylo, Alphabeat, and Calvin Harris. That somehow changed into DJ'ing.

- Kristian Nairn

Time Great Time

I have a great time touring.

- LeAnn Rimes

Start Going

So when you start touring, women are definitely going to check you out first.

- Gavin DeGraw

Nowhere Going

I'm not going around touring the U.S. when I've got nowhere to live.

- Liam Gallagher

Still Civilized

Of course one can't eat in a civilized fashion while touring in theatres. But I still manage to get my three meals a day. I find that is sufficient for training.

- Gertrude Ederle

World Round

It wouldn't be fair to drag a child round the world, touring.

- Samantha Fox

Writing Always

You can always boil down the life of a musician to touring, playing, and writing.

- Tift Merritt

Hands Buy

In 1968 the Arts Council managed to get a grant from the treasury to buy up a lot of derelict touring theatres and put them back in the hands of the local authorities.

- Timothy West

Them About

I find it hard to get enthusiastic about hotels because, as a touring comic, I spend a lot of time in them.

- Marcus Brigstocke

Knew Popping

I knew how touring was for 10 years, but it's completely different now that things are popping off.

- Nate Ruess

Inventory Jobs

I did quite a lot of menial jobs. I was a waiter, an inventory clerk touring round properties listing cups and saucers, and a laserquest marshal.

- Richard C. Armitage

Mind Audience

But I don't mind, I'm a bit of a touring animal. When I'm on tour that is the greatest thrill for me, playing to a live audience.

- Vanessa Mae

Learned Classes

I basically learned hip-hop from *NSYNC. And then while I was touring in theater shows, and I couldn't take classes in hip-hop but I wanted to, I just watched Justin Timberlake concerts.

- Vincent Rodriguez III

Like Last

Touring on 'Folie' was like being the last act at the vaudeville show: We were rotten vegetable targets in clandestine hoods.

- Patrick Stump

Through Period

I went through a period of being disillusioned with touring.

- Patty Smyth

Love I Love

I love touring, I really do.

- Penelope Keith