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Me Given

Why has God given me such magnificent talent? It is a curse as well as a great blessing.

- Albrecht Durer

Virtues Avail

There is no substitute for talent. Industry and all its virtues are of no avail.

- Aldous Huxley

Think Movie

I don't think I really have a talent for movie acting.

- Alec Baldwin

Always Does

Talent is always conscious of its own abundance, and does not object to sharing.

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Idea Proportional

The idea that talent is directly proportional to your trophy cabinet is one I oppose.

- Alex Turner

Play Want

Talent is a feeling that you want to play.

- Alexandre Pato

Business Need

Great investors need to have the right combination of intuition, business sense and investment talent.

- Andrew Lo

Career Actress

I really believe that what I do as an actress is my God-given talent. This is my calling, not my career.

- Angela Bassett

Scale Get

We get talent and scale from mergers.

- Angela Braly

Lucky Only

I was one of those lucky people with only one talent. It is harder for people with many talents to decide what to do.

- Anna Chancellor

Work Genius

God gives talent. Work transforms talent into genius.

- Anna Pavlova

Me Owed

God gave me a talent to draw. I 'owed' it to him to develop the talent.

- Annie Dillard

Pressure Thing

There is no such thing as talent. There is pressure.

- Alfred Adler

Want Will

If you don't have talent or preparation for whatever you want to do, you will not be successful in anything.

- Alicia Machado

Art Some

If you respect the art and you have some talent about you, I'm on your team.

- Anthony Anderson

Find Does

The Welsh people have a talent for acting that one does not find in the English. The English lack heart.

- Anthony Hopkins

Born Fact

Faith is an aptitude of the spirit. It is, in fact, a talent: you must be born with it.

- Anton Chekhov

Build Need

When you try to build a team, you need a mix of talent.

- Antonio Conte

Feel Make

That's my talent, I make people feel uneasy.

- Ariel Pink

Your Counts

Ultimately, it's your talent that counts.

- Armaan Malik

Some Mystical

Generating ideas isn't some mystical talent that you have to be born with: it's a skill you can develop.

- Charles Stross

Truth La

The truth of the matter is the real industry is in LA and the cream of the talent is there.

- Charlie Hunnam

Gift Brought

My mom brought me up to believe that my talent is a gift and a blessing.

- Christina Aguilera

Period Shortened

Talent is nothing but a prolonged period of attention and a shortened period of mental assimilation.

- Constantin Stanislavski

Nothing Working

Talent without working hard is nothing.

- Cristiano Ronaldo

Like See

Acting is a talent, but I like to see the whole picture.

- D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Instrument Develop

If you're a musician, there's no instrument that can be withheld from you. If you're drawn to it, develop the talent for it.

- Cynthia Robinson

Explore Tried

I have tried to explore the little talent I have for writing.

- Cyril Cusack

About Part

Part of what we talk about is, toughness is a talent.

- Dan Quinn

Ambition Create

If you have enough ambition, you can create talent!

- Darcey Bussell

Blessed Theater

The talent that I was blessed with was really for the theater.

- David Hasselhoff

Audience Would

'Roots' did show that the audience would be receptive to black talent and a black story.

- David L. Wolper

Work Work Hard

There's no such thing as talent; you just have to work hard enough.

- David Mamet


My talent is numbers.

- David Schweikert

Believe Capacity

I truly believe the intention of creating positive change is so important to the collective consciousness. When you have a group of people that have the intention and the capacity, talent, and intelligence to actualize those intentions, then you have something really powerful.

- Jimmy Chin

Entertainer Anyone

I went further on less talent than anyone, but I was a damned good entertainer.

- Jimmy Dean

Talent is talent.

- Jimmy Iovine

Television Show

I couldn't do a show; I have about as much talent to do television as, you know... it's not what I do. I wouldn't know where to begin.

- Jimmy Iovine

Sexy Nothing

Nothing is so sexy in a man as talent.

- Joan Plowright

Nail Audition

You have to have talent. You have to get the audition and then you have to nail the audition.

- Joel McHale

Scoring Films

I had a talent for scoring films. I just developed it.

- John Carpenter

Music Rather

I'd rather make music if I had the talent.

- John Hughes

Self-Esteem Giant

Where talent is a dwarf, self-esteem is a giant.

- John Petit-Senn

Politics Hundred

For every talent that poverty has stimulated it has blighted a hundred.

- John W. Gardner

Character Winning

Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.

- John Wooden

Problem Ah

Ah, well, I have no talent for nonfiction, that's my problem.

- Jonathan Coe

Like Innate

I feel like directing is an innate talent.

- Jordana Brewster

Her James

I can't rave enough about Eloisa James. I'm simply in awe of her talent.

- Julia Quinn

Crazy Amount

It's a crazy - crazy - amount of talent on 'Smash.'

- Julian Ovenden

Nothing Within

Talent is something that comes from within; it has nothing to do with age.

- Aurora

Glasses Weirdly

A secret talent or hobby... Hmm... I weirdly collect shot glasses.

- Austin Mahone

Short Everywhere

Talent is in short supply everywhere. At Wipro, we are training nonengineers to be engineers.

- Azim Premji

Explain Either

It's called talent. I just have it. I can't explain it. You either have it or you don't.

- Barry Bonds

Brainy Genius

Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire.

- Bernard Williams

Luck Having

The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have a talent for luck.

- Hector Berlioz

Look Like

You look like a talent scout for a cemetery.

- Henny Youngman

Work Will

Your hard work and talent will not pay off.

- Bo Burnham

Music Discovered

I don't know if I discovered I had any talent. It was dogged persistence. I had to have the music.

- Bob Weir

Happiness How

Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object.

- Hermann Hesse

Doubt Wins

If you've got talent, stick with it... because talent wins out, without a doubt.

- Bobby Sherman

Some Use

When you've got some talent, your job is to use it.

- Howard Hawks

Wanted Able

I didn't really have an agenda for my talent. I just wanted to be able to sing.

- Brenda Lee

How Certain Point

Obviously talent gets you to a certain point, but it's what you do with it, how you handle.

- Brett Favre

Society Sign

The sign of a good society is where talent is respected.

- Irrfan Khan

Starting Only

Talent is only the starting point.

- Irving Berlin

Genius Possesses

A man possesses talent; genius possesses the man.

- Isaac Stern

Purpose Your

You don't win without talent, but your talent has to have purpose.

- J. B. Bickerstaff

Freedom Like

I really feel that the talent I have is acting. Freedom and the possibility of play-that is what I like to have.

- Jacqueline Bisset

Gift Artists

Talent can be developed, gift is God-given. But artists have both.

- Carroll O'Connor

Against Superior

In the long run, there is not much discrimination against superior talent.

- Carter G. Woodson

Been Aware

I have been aware, from the age of 6, that I had talent.

- Dennis Potter

Diversity Much

There is so much talent in Milwaukee, and such diversity.

- Jamila Woods

Reputation Brings

Concealed talent brings no reputation.

- Desiderius Erasmus

Men Dealing

I have a talent for dealing with difficult men.

- Jane Rosenthal

Genius Immediate

Genius is immediate, but talent takes time.

- Janet Flanner

Like Faucet

Talent is like a faucet, while it is open, one must write.

- Jean Anouilh

Desire Made

What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110 percent all the time.

- Don Zimmer

Still Able

No matter what type of equipment you have, you still have to have a certain talent to be able to make a good record.

- Dr. Dre

Incredible Larry

Larry David is such an incredible talent.

- Jenn Lyon


Stupidity is a talent for misconception.

- Edgar Allan Poe

Battle Important

This battle for global talent is so important.

- Jerry Moran


Self-doubt kills talent.

- Edie McClurg

Genius Person

Genius is the talent of a person who is dead.

- Edmond de Goncourt

Writing Necessary

Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary.

- Jessamyn West

Genius Does

Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can.

- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Purpose Mankind

What mankind wants is not talent; it is purpose.

- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Best Management

The relationship between talent and management is uneasy, at best.

- Jessica Savitch

Success Affect

Don't let anything but your talent affect your success.

- Jillian Mayer


Talent is seductive.

- Elaine Stritch

Motivational Got

If you've got a talent, protect it.

- Jim Carrey

Top Spray

There is no spray can called 'Instant Stardom', only talent can keep you at the top.

- Jim Dale

Gift Playing

My talent for playing the drums was a gift from God.

- Keith Thibodeaux

Voice Actor

The way I choose voice talent is I don't let them tell me who the actor is.

- Kelly Asbury

Cool Witness

It's just cool to witness talent.

- Kenan Thompson

Genius Does

Talent does whatever it wants to do. Genius does only what it can.

- Eugene Delacroix

Role Take

Take me seriously. Take me and my role seriously. Take my talent seriously.

- Kevin Hart

Take Everybody

Everybody's got one killer story. It doesn't take talent to tell that story, it just takes experience.

- Kevin Smith

Through Will

Real talent will get through whatever the obstacles.

- Kim Wilde

Brainy Genius

Talent is a faculty that is highly developed, but genius commands all the faculties.

- Francis Herbert Hedge

Money Like

We're all generous, but with different things, like time, money, talent - criticism.

- Frank A. Clark