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Star Wars

Total Quotes : 50
Star References

Whenever I watch a show and twentysomethings have a lot of 'Star Wars' references, I know it's written by a 40-year-old dude.

- Anders Holm

Book Star

I was a comic book nut and grew up on 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones.'

- Christian Borle

Star Tell

I tell you, man, I'm every bit as a 'Star Wars' fan as anyone else.

- Colin Trevorrow

Star Spielberg

I'm a 'Star Wars' kid. I'm a 'Back to the Future' kid. I'm a Spielberg kid.

- Colin Trevorrow

Star Been

Your life goes on, and then your life goes on plus 'Star Wars.' It's just been an incredible time.

- Daisy Ridley

Star Like

I liked 'Star Wars,' but I wasn't an uberfan like many people are.

- Daisy Ridley

Star Away

'Star Wars' is a galaxy a long time ago, far, far away. 'Star Wars' is not about our future.

- Damon Lindelof

Star Geek

I'm not a 'Star Wars' geek.

- Danny Boyle

Foundation Star

There were a lot of great memories around 'Star Wars.' It was a foundation - probably for my interest in movies.

- Dave Filoni

Star Special

'Star Wars' is just a special story.

- Dave Filoni

Star Lucas

Pressure, to me, was creating a 'Star Wars' film, then sitting alone in a theater with George Lucas and showing it to him, the guy that created the word 'Wookiee' and R2-D2. That was pressure.

- Dave Filoni

Star Going

My judgment is that research in 'Star Wars' is going to fail, and I believe this so strongly that I'm willing to stake my professional reputation on this. I don't believe anybody is going to build this thing.

- Dave Parnas

Star Prestigious

I'd worked in Clockwork Orange with Stanley Kubrick and since Stanley was such a prestigious director this opened all sorts of doors for me - one of them being Star Wars.

- David Prowse

Want Star

Who wouldn't want to be in 'Star Wars?' It'd be great.

- John Boyega

Original Star

If an original piece of wardrobe came up from Star Wars, I'd probably spend a lot of money on it.

- Johnny Vegas

Star Types

'Star Wars' is populated by so many great types; who wouldn't want to be a Han Solo kind of dude?

- Ben Mendelsohn

Star Like

But I'm not imaginative. I couldn't look into the future, like Star Wars or Robots or anything like that.

- Harry Dean Stanton

Other Star

I'm less of a 'Star Wars' fan, with googley monsters, than actually how do we bend this reality out, and how many other realities exist?

- Blair Brown

Star Amount

The hardest part of writing 'William Shakespeare's Star Wars' was probably the sheer amount of iambic pentameter and tiptoeing around certain scenes I knew would be hot-button issues for 'Star Wars' fans.

- Ian Doescher

Star Before

I grew up with the 'Star Wars' movies since before I have many memories. We had them on VHS back in the day, so they were part of the fabric of growing up in my family.

- Ian Doescher

Star Saw

I believe that I'm an actor to this day because of 'Star Wars.' I saw 'Star Wars' as a child, and I was completely enamored by it.

- J. August Richards

Star Trek

As a kid, 'Star Wars' was much more my thing than 'Star Trek' was.

- J. J. Abrams

Star Disclose

'Star Wars' was something that I was definitely interested in. Whether or not I was really involved isn't something that I should probably disclose.

- Jack Reynor

Star Been

I have been in 'Star Wars' since I was 20.

- Carrie Fisher

Star Some

Wherever people find themselves in trouble, or at some kind of crossroads, the series proclaims you are free to choose. That's the deepest lesson of 'Star Wars.'

- Cass Sunstein

Star Turned

Are you kidding? They had me at 'Star Wars.' The kid inside me would've clawed his way out and strangled me if I'd turned this job down.

- Jason Aaron

Star Six

I wanted to be in 'Star Wars' when I was six years old. I asked my mom for two years, and she told me I was crazy.

- Jennette McCurdy

Star China

If there's Cold War, no 'Star Wars' in China.

- Jiang Wen

Values Star

Inside 'Star Wars' are values that mean something to people. It's aspirational. It's full of hope.

- Kathleen Kennedy

Star Films

I'm a lover of the great adventure films of the 1980s: 'Goonies,' 'E.T.,' 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' 'Star Wars.'

- Kelly Asbury

Adventure Star

'Star Wars' was the mythology of my youth. I longed for adventure.

- Ernest Cline

Star Lord

I know stuff about 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Star Wars,' but 'Star Trek,' I don't know.

- Kunal Nayyar

Star Could

Star Wars was magnificent, but you could tell Darth Vader's ships were glued together.

- Gary Coleman

Small Star

'Star Wars' is on my bucket list. Even if it's just a small walk on, I don't care.

- Ming-Na Wen

Star Been

'Star Wars' is something that I've been a fan of since I was a kid - I played all the video games and I grew up reading 'Star Wars' books.

- Samuel Witwer

Star Still

I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of 'Star Wars', and I'm still not, really, but you have to acknowledge that there's a huge fan base for it, and these people are really sweet. You can't stereotype a 'Star Wars' fan.

- Ralph Brown

Star Figures

So long as I can remember, my siblings and I would have 'Star Wars' action figures or Fisher-Price action figures, and we would build these sprawling compounds.

- Sean Gunn

Three Star

I've never seen the first three 'Star Wars' movies. It's just not really my genre.

- Sendhil Ramamurthy

Star Been

I was four years old when I saw 'Star Wars', and it has been significantly important throughout my entire life.

- Seth Green

Star Huge Star

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I lost my Darth Vader watch.

- Rhona Mitra

Remember Star

I can't remember a time when I wasn't inspired by 'Star Wars.'

- Tony DiTerlizzi

Star Well

Well, you know, we all grew up as 'Star Wars' fans.

- Rian Johnson

Adolescence Star

'Star Wars' boils down to the transition from adolescence into adulthood.

- Rian Johnson

Star Fiction

'Star Wars' is more fairy tale than true science fiction.

- Mark Hamill

Star Use

I have failed 'Star Wars' trivia tests. People come up to me at conventions and use terms that I've never heard of.

- Mark Hamill

Star Bigger

I grew up with the religion of 'Star Wars,' frankly. That's when I realized there is something bigger out there... and it's called The Force.

- Trey Parker

Star Wars

I'm a Star Wars fanatic.

- Matthew Vaughn

Star Films

I haven't done the Star Wars kind of films.

- Roger Spottiswoode

Star Trek

I grew up with 'Star Wars,' not 'Star Trek.'

- Rony Abovitz

Generation Star

With Star Wars fans, there's so much enthusiasm, and it's a completely different generation now.

- Peter Mayhew