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Sell Will

Demagoguery sells. And therefore, radio stations will put it on. But that doesn't mean that you can't do something else and also make it sell.

- Al Franken

Nothing Allen

There's nothing that sells good about Allen Iverson if it's something positive about Allen Iverson.

- Allen Iverson

Other Could

What's that show? 'TMZ'? They stand there and say, 'I've got this on this person.' The focus on celebrities can be detrimental because people could be thinking of other things, but it's a part of the culture and it's what sells.

- Andre Leon Talley

News Country

There are two sayings that are familiar in every news room across the country: 1. sex sells; 2. if it bleeds it leads.

- Armstrong Williams

Books Scandal

Scandal sells books; fidelity does not.

- Coretta Scott King

Nation Original

That is the problem with comedy in India. Spoofing sells. Come up with original comedy about the hilarious nation we are, with funny accents and odd rituals, and we get into trouble.

- Cyrus Broacha

Go Buy

He who sells what isn't his'n, Must buy it back or go to prison.

- Daniel Drew

Doing Country

You've got these guys that have this fresh, street, hip-hop country that sells a zillion. Keep doing that. I'll keep doing my stuff. We'll see how it goes.

- Jon Pardi

Doing Smaller

The 'rock world' is a lot smaller than it used to be. It's doing a lot less things than it used to be. From Woodstock back in the day and Rage Against the Machine, no one sells millions of records anymore.

- Austin Carlile

Everyone Though

Everyone loves good looks, but personality is what sells for me. I want someone to have fun and go on adventures with. I do like guys with tattoos, though.

- Hayley Hasselhoff

Goal Doing

If your goal is to change the world, you can't start by doing things the same old way because it sells better.

- Henry Spencer

Famous Editorial

I was getting a lot of editorial, as in lots of pages in 'Vogue,' but it's far more important to get your dresses on the back of a famous person. Charlotte Rampling in Bruce Oldfield. That sells.

- Bruce Oldfield

Say About

People say it's really the press who create those soundbites about fashion. That's what sells magazines and clothes.

- Isaac Mizrahi

Song Better

No one sells a song better than the person that wrote it.

- Bruno Mars

Big Ultimate

Time is the ultimate long tail. Even with a big wad of money up front, if something sells forever, the back end is what ultimately counts.

- J. A. Konrath

Plans Administration

I'll be one of the spokespeople, one of the people who sells the Administration's plans.

- Donna Shalala

Sex Only

In advertising, sex sells. But only if you're selling sex.

- Jef I. Richards

Six Year

Our company sells about five to six million pounds of sausage a year. We sell it retail and to restaurants. We've got all kinds of products.

- Earl Campbell

Work Business

It's business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don't want to muck about with it too much.

- Eddie Campbell

Always Quick

I have always considered reunions to be a way to make a quick buck, and it sells short my own experience of it the first time around.

- Eric Avery

Movies Hollywood

Does Hollywood do movies about terrorism? Yeah. And why do they do that? Because it sells.

- Faran Tahir

Business Tell

I tell people all of the time that they would make any show in this business - whether it's black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Colombian, Dominican - whatever. They'll make it if it sells. It's a business. It's not personal.

- Kirk Acevedo

New Tickets

There's no white comic that sells tickets to black people like me. They're going to get their hair done, get a new outfit, and come out to see a white dude.

- Gary Owen

Always Year

They always say that jazz doesn't sell, but it's a lie, because it does sell, and it sells consistently year in and year out.

- Lester Bowie

Like Show

Every show that sells out is like a hero's welcome for me.

- Gil Scott-Heron

Misery Newspapers

Misery sells newspapers.

- Phil Gramm

Will Always

Honest always sells. Always has, always will.

- Ryan Tedder

Always Good Taste

Shock always sells. You know? But you could shock in good taste.

- Grace Jones

Artist Primitive

A primitive artist is an amateur whose work sells.

- Grandma Moses

Rebel Been

Negativity sells. I have been labelled a rebel. If I had been one, would I have got married at 23? Would I have been a straight A student?

- Sania Mirza

Think I Think

I think that bold leadership sells.

- Sean Duffy

Reason Ticket

The reason the government sells the census as your ticket to getting goodies - rather than as your civic duty - is that distributing goodies is now all the government does.

- Tom G. Palmer

Doing Like

My girlfriend is a fashion designer. She has her own company called Rachel Antonoff. She is doing a collaboration with Urban Outfitters right now, a shoe collaboration with Bass. She sells to Barneys, stuff like that.

- Nate Ruess


Hate sells.

- Mario Cuomo

Product TV

TV is what sells your product.

- Sheryl Swoopes

Everyone Wants

We live in the Internet age. Everyone wants clicks. Clicks are what sells.

- Trevor Noah

Hollywood Over

There's this idea that Hollywood sells over and over again: 'If I just looked more like this, I'd be accepted.'

- Marti Noxon

More Endures

I sometimes feel that if your book sells more than 20 years, then there's something in it that you can say, gee, I did something that endures, that's timeless.

- Robert Caro

Controversy Books

Controversy sells books.

- Robert Gottlieb

Play Records

Nobody sells records any more, and the only way you can actually do anything is to go out and play live.

- Stephen Morris

Hero Also

At a car dealership, the person who sells the car is the hero, and also gets the commission. But if the mechanics don't service that car well, the customer won't return.

- Roger Staubach

Spain Goes

Pau Gasol is extremely popular in Spain. I don't know how much he sells, but I get nothing in Spain. The money goes to the league, and they use it for whatever they choose to use it for to run the league.

- Michael Heisley

Aim Product

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

- Peter Drucker