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College Think

I think that the young people today feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to their brothers and sisters because of the sacrifices that most families make to send their children to college.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Think Defence

When grand plans for scientific and defence technologies are made, do the people in power think about the sacrifices the people in the laboratories and fields have to make?

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Larger Himself

Every time a person sacrifices himself for a larger injustice, it aids in the cycle of change.

- Amy Carter

Doing Made

I don't feel I made any sacrifices at all. I'm doing my best to juggle.

- Aaliyah

Olympic Cent

Olympic champions should be 100 per cent athletes who have made the sacrifices.

- Adam Peaty

Appreciate High

I appreciate the sacrifices my dad made. I went to a great public high school.

- Aileen Lee

Good Manners

Class is considerate of others. It knows that good manners is nothing more than a series of petty sacrifices.

- Ann Landers

Away Protects

The legendary tumbleweed is really a nurse crop that protects the growth of prairie grasses under its shade, and then it sacrifices itself and blows away.

- Antoine Predock

Deserve Need

The gods do not need sacrifices, so what might one do to please them? Acquire wisdom, it seems to me, and do all the good in one's power to those humans who deserve it.

- Apollonius of Tyana

Love Small

Success demands sacrifices. I believe it's a small price to pay for the adulation and love one receives.

- Arjun Kapoor

Going Some

If you really want to make a relationship work, at some point in time, you're going to have to make some sacrifices and do some things that are a little bit uncomfortable.

- Ashton Kutcher

Need Willing

If you want to become a writer, you do need to be willing to make sacrifices.

- Chevy Stevens

Imagine Again

I have the most utmost respect for the men and women overseas, and I only played a soldier on television. Again, I can only imagine the sacrifices that they make every single day.

- Corey Hawkins

Lives Means

Black Lives Matter has no more to do with black issues than Students for a Democratic Society had to do with democracy. They are means to an end, and they use the black population as sacrifices for their goals.

- David A. Clarke, Jr.

Forget Never

We must never forget or diminish the sacrifices of those who gave everything for this nation.

- Jim Walsh

More Than

Nobody's more mindful of the sacrifices of our troops than those of us that command them.

- John Abizaid

Bad Bad Things

You have to do bad things in order to become a hero. You have to make sacrifices.

- John Barrowman

Thankful Made

As the daughter of a 25-year veteran of the armed forces, I am incredibly thankful for the sacrifices our women and men have made in Iraq, and continue to make in Afghanistan.

- Barbara Lee

Which Feels

He who is unconscious of the ties which connect him with every individual of his species feels no obligation to make sacrifices for their welfare or happiness.

- Benjamin Robbins Curtis

Obtain German

Since the German people, with unparalleled heroism, but also at the cost of fearful sacrifices, has waged war against half the world, it is our right and our duty to obtain safety and independence for ourselves at sea.

- Bernhard von Bulow

Art Origin

Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.

- Bertrand Russell

Beautiful She

The sacrifices of friendship were beautiful in her eyes as long as she was not asked to make them.

- Hector Hugh Munro


Especially today as we fight the war on terror - against an enemy that represents hatred, extremism and stands behind no flag - we need to remember the sacrifices that have gone into protecting our flag.

- Bill Shuster

Want Sacrificed

People want to make sacrifices but they don't want to be sacrificed.

- Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Been Ideals

But, gentlemen, can any of us say that as a result of such overwhelming sacrifices of money, of men, of ideals, and of civil dignity the sense of security has indeed been attained?

- Henry Campbell-Bannerman

Half Away

Half a world away nations that once lived under oppression and tyranny are now budding democracies due in large part to America 's leadership and the sacrifices of our military.

- Bob Riley

Young Making

When you're young, you don't realize the sacrifices that people are making for you.

- Bobby Orr

Small Which

Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.

- Humphry Davy

Made Patriotic

Even now, we make no apologies for the choice we made. The sacrifices we made were selfless. The options we offered were patriotic while the paths we chose were well thought out.

- Ibrahim Babangida

Country Die

In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.

- Idi Amin

Enjoy Athlete

The holidays are important, but the path I've chosen doesn't take that into consideration. I do what I can to enjoy them, but it's one of the sacrifices of being an athlete.

- Brittany Bowe

Political Made

All sacrifices of common sense, and all recourse to plausible political combinations, whether of individuals or of men, are uniformly made at the expense of the majority.

- James Fenimore Cooper

Veterans Day

Honoring the sacrifices many have made for our country in the name of freedom and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day.

- Charles B. Rangel

Understand Made

As a Korean War veteran, I know firsthand and understand the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

- Charles B. Rangel

Stepped Took

I stepped out on faith to follow my lifelong dream of being an author. I made real sacrifices and took big risks. But living, it seems to me, is largely about risk.

- Jan Karon

Need Made

We all join the President in applauding the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. But we must continue to provide them the tools they need to accomplish the difficult tasks they face.

- Dick Durbin

Bad Dad

And my dad drilled it in my head, you know, 'If you want it bad enough, and you're willing to make the sacrifices, you can do it. But first you have to believe in yourself.

- Jennie Finch

Unions Larger

Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California's budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same.

- Jerry Brown

Law Nation

Since September 11, 2001, many in this nation and this Congress have a deeper appreciation for the importance of the sacrifices made by our law enforcement officers.

- Jerry Costello

Industry Owes

Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.

- Edmund Burke

Love Very

My mother is a very strange woman... She doesn't understand me in the least and doesn't love me much either. If she had either love or understanding she would be prepared to make sacrifices.

- Egon Schiele

Best Made

I made sacrifices willingly; it was what I did best.

- Karen McCarthy

College New

My undergraduate education, at the City College in New York, was made possible only by the existence of that excellent free institution and the financial sacrifices of my parents.

- Kenneth Joseph Arrow

Politics Think

I think everyone knows how much of a joint effort being in politics is. It requires all kinds of sacrifices and all kinds of support.

- Kerry Healey


I'm a professional world champion. Of course if you're a world champion, you're working harder than everybody else. You're making the commitment, and you're making the sacrifices. If it were easy, everybody would be able to do it. Everybody would be able to be world champion, but everybody can't be. Everybody doesn't have it in them.

- Laila Ali


I foster a sorrowful conception of affection. Make no sacrifices.

- Franz Liszt

Through Lot

I had to face a lot coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges, and injuries.

- Gabby Douglas

Insurance Like

I know what it's like to have a family and not have insurance and really need it. As a comic, insurance was one of those sacrifices I made early on until I could afford it.

- Gabriel Iglesias

Obligation Deny

A coldly rationalist individualist can deny that he has any obligation to make sacrifices for the future.

- Garrett Hardin

Singing Needs

Singing is an arduous business and it needs sacrifices.

- Lesley Garrett

Think Honour

I think that you can honour the sacrifices of a common soldier without glorifying war.

- Geraldine Brooks

Waste Very

A very difficult year is ahead of us. We must continue our efforts with decisiveness, to stay in the euro, to make sure we do not waste the sacrifices and do not turn the crisis into an uncontrolled and disastrous bankruptcy.

- Lucas Papademos

Believe Career

Believe me, I recognize the cultural and anatomical challenges and respect the sacrifices women make in order to balance family and a career, or family with no career, or career with no family.

- LZ Granderson

Soul Passionate

No matter what it is, you put too much, your heart and soul in it, you have to be passionate about it. You make too many sacrifices.

- Ginni Rometty

Which Engaged

Thanks to the heroic sons and daughters of this country, who have paid sacrifices, we have been able to score a number of victories which are encouraging the nation-building process we are engaged in.

- Girma Woldegiorgis

Diet Some

Some people are willing to pay the price and it's the same with staying healthy or eating healthy. There's some discipline involved. There's some sacrifices.

- Mike Ditka

Work Always

I always put dance stuff out because you have to work, man. You have to eat. You have to compromise sometimes to make it. I had to make sacrifices, and I had to raise my children.

- The Mighty Hannibal

Children Man

I'm a married man and I've got two children, and you have to do sacrifices.

- Glenn Tipton

Broken Over

Over the years, I've made many sacrifices to win two Olympic gold medals and put together winning streaks that will never be broken.

- Misty May-Treanor

Singer Like

Paris Singer had vastly more to do with shaping my character than Mother had; although Mother made innumerable sacrifices for me, and Paris Singer made none. I wanted to be like him.

- Preston Sturges

Country Made

I understand the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world.

- Psy


I started skating because I loved it. I started when I was three and I didn't know all the sacrifices and all the hardships and how difficult day-in and day-out it would be.

- Sarah Hughes

Take Fallen

We invoke the sacrifices of our fallen heroes in the abstract, but we seldom take time to thank them individually.

- Rahm Emanuel

Single Person

Years at sea probably explains why I'm single. But every person in the military makes sacrifices.

- Sarah West

Movie Joan

The story of Warner Brothers' movie, 'Mildred Pierce,' recounts the enormous and unrewarded sacrifices that a mother (Joan Crawford) makes for her spoiled, greedy daughter (Ann Blythe).

- Manny Farber

Young Will

Hopefully, young people will see that you can be young and make the sacrifices to follow your dreams.

- Tinie Tempah

Effective Does

Society does not seem prepared to accept the sacrifices required for an effective prevention of cancer.

- Renato Dulbecco


My parents gave up a lot to bring me up in the little house on the prairie, and I wasn't prepared to make those sacrifices, nor was the generation before me and the generation after.

- Tony Parsons

Strong Reflect

The sacrifices in the war against terrorism reflect complete and strong determination of Pakistan against terrorism.

- Shehbaz Sharif

Lawyers Ignored

Lawyers have rendered immense sacrifices for the restoration of democracy and free judiciary, and their role in this regard cannot be ignored.

- Shehbaz Sharif

Boss Lot

There's a lot of sacrifices you have to make to be the boss.

- Travis Fimmel

Take Very

I take care of military families. Their sacrifices are very real.

- Mark Vonnegut

Give Fact

Under these conditions it is not astonishing that learning was highly prized; in fact, my parents made sacrifices to be able to give their children a good education.

- Simon van der Meer

Trust Citizen

When a citizen gives his suffrage to a man of known immorality he abuses his trust; he sacrifices not only his own interest, but that of his neighbor; he betrays the interest of his country.

- Noah Webster

Love Business

I love spreadsheets. I do all the finances. I pay the publicists. I have to compartmentalize the creative and the business, so there are sacrifices. But ultimately, I get to be the CEO of my own business.

- Verite

Over Through

We should be recklessly abandoned to Jesus, and just turn it over to Him. Through the support I think the sacrifices will be made and we'll all be cool with it.

- Stacie Orrico

Want Perfectly

To be perfectly honest, it isn't fair that people have used my personality, and the sacrifices I make because I want to, as an indication that I want to be in a political office.

- Steve Garvey

Over Endures

Anything that endures over time sacrifices its ability to make an impression.

- Robert Musil

Everyone Else

When times are tough, public employees should have to make the same sacrifices as everyone else.

- Robert Reich

Through Like

You don't really get to witness what athletes go through. Like, the sacrifices and stuff like that. It's by far the most amazing, beautiful thing.

- Steven Adams

More Everybody

Everybody wants to be good, but not many are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes to be great. To many people, being nice in order to be liked is more important. There's equal merit in that, but you must not confuse being good with being liked.

- Paul Arden

Sucks Sell

I had to sell my house and make a lot of sacrifices to become a writer, and it sucks not to get taken seriously.

- Paul Cleave

Memorial Day

Memorial Day this year is especially important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the Armed Services make to defend our way of life.

- Robin Hayes

Deep Benefits

The sacrifices made by veterans and their willingness to fight in defense of our nation merit our deep respect and praise - and to the best in benefits and medical care.

- Sue Kelly

Argument Star

There can be no argument about the Lone Star State's significant contributions to American history, and we must remember the actions and the sacrifices of those who made Texas independence a reality.

- Michael McCaul

Some Which

That the God-man died for his people, and that His death is their life, is an idea which was in some degree foreshadowed by the older mystical sacrifices.

- William Robertson Smith

Ultimate Nearly

Repaying the debt of these ultimate sacrifices seems nearly impossible but we must try.

- Michael N. Castle

Work Admire

I so admire the discipline, the work ethic, and the sacrifices fighters make to master all aspects of mixed martial arts.

- Tami Hoag


I'm extremely grateful to all the first responders, veterans and their families for all their sacrifices.

- Taya Kyle

Doing Injustice

When you enter into a struggle, and you genuinely believe in what you are doing, and you live under injustice, and you live under a regime that is dictatorial and oppresses people, there have to be sacrifices.

- Roy Bennett

Work Thankful

I'm thankful because all the hard work and sacrifices were worth it in the end.

- WizKid


Sacrifices are concerned with the feelings of devotion and longing.

- Xun Kuang

Ensure Critical

Recruitment and retention are critical to sustain our Armed Forces with the best men and women willing to stand in the gap and make huge sacrifices to ensure our freedom.

- Zack Wamp