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Hamas Obama

Obama repeatedly has condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization that should be isolated until it renounces violence and recognizes Israel.

- Aaron Klein

Reagan Before

A Reagan appointee, Justice Kennedy is no liberal, as he has shown on issues from affirmative action to corporate campaign spending. But he has repeatedly sided with gay litigants before the court.

- Adam Cohen


I've written repeatedly about the quest by corporations everywhere to transform themselves digitally.

- Adam Lashinsky

Turkey Oven

Repeatedly opening the oven - or worse, taking out the turkey to baste it - slows down the momentum of cooking.

- Alex Guarnaschelli

Some Issue

If I want my daughter to try something, I eat it in front of her repeatedly without forcing the issue and, with some trial and error, the world is our oyster!

- Alexandra Guarnaschelli

Childhood Last

For almost thirty years I repeatedly saw one and the same dream: I would arrive in Vienna at long last. I would feel really happy, for I was returning to my serene childhood.

- Alfred Schnittke

Regret Congress

Vietnam ended a failure: repeatedly, to me, Kissinger described it as his greatest, and most persistent regret. But Congress was more to blame than Kissinger.

- Alistair Horne

Therapy Been

I myself have been in therapy. Repeatedly.

- Amy Brenneman


The UK public have repeatedly shown enormous generosity to those in need.

- Andrew Mitchell

Over Still

Over my lifetime, women have demonstrated repeatedly that they can do anything that men can do, while still managing traditional women's work at the same time. But the same expansion of roles has not been available to men.

- Anne-Marie Slaughter

Prime Alongside

Both during the elections and as Prime Minister, I have repeatedly and publicly said that I support the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.

- Ariel Sharon

Art Excellence

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

- Aristotle

Motion Correct

I repeatedly have to correct this belief. In a sense, magnitude involves steps of 10 because every increase of one magnitude represents a tenfold amplification of the ground motion. But there is no 'scale of 10' in the sense of an upper limit.

- Charles Francis Richter

Rule Other

The 'Rule of Three' is simply getting the other guy to agree to the same thing three times in the same conversation, it's really hard to repeatedly lie or fake conviction.

- Christopher Voss

Artist Records

What made me want to become a recording artist; I was the first artist that was repeatedly asked by a label to record with them. That label was Def Jam Records.

- Chuck D

Cut Portraying

As FIFA leaked information to the media, portraying me as an unethical person, I felt I was left naked, helpless to defend myself, as they repeatedly cut me with a sharp knife.

- Chung Mong-joon

Fountain Which

You must intensify and render continuous by repeatedly presenting with suggestive ideas and mental pictures of the feast of good things, and the flowing fountain, which awaits the successful achievement or attainment of the desires.

- Claude M. Bristol

Same Taught

John McGovern taught me that it's OK to write repeatedly about the same things.

- Colm Toibin

Practice Means

Real practice means working on stuff you're not good at. Real practice is about butting your head against the wall repeatedly until you get it right.

- Damien Chazelle


One of the things you have to be able to do, as a comic strip artist, is to draw things repeatedly from a variety of angles, so you need references, and you find the best picture you can.

- Dave Gibbons

Computers Been

As a rule, software systems do not work well until they have been used, and have failed repeatedly, in real applications.

- Dave Parnas

Always Whole

We have not always agreed, but I have said repeatedly and publicly many times that Al Sharpton has never counseled violence, but he gets blamed for a whole lot of that.

- David Dinkins

Same Very

My husbands all repeatedly said the same thing - that I was not a very passionate woman.

- Debbie Reynolds

Country Been

Any man and woman, and I've been on the record, any man or woman who wears the uniform and serves this country is a hero. I've said that repeatedly at all the town halls I've had.

- Joe Walsh

Vice Bush

Americans were told repeatedly by President Bush and Vice President Cheney that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. None were ever found.

- John Olver

Small Movie

My wife has a small part in 'Spy,' and that movie killed me repeatedly.

- John Ross Bowie

Important Deeds

Members will hear me say repeatedly words are important; deeds are a reality.

- Jon Corzine

Shades Very

As I've said repeatedly, Republicans are very good at describing things in black and white; Democrats are very good at describing the 11 shades of gray.

- Joseph C. Wilson

Human Being

I'll say this, and this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality: You do not want to get licked in the face repeatedly by another human being. You just don't. It's not pleasant.

- Josh Radnor

Success Efforts

I have repeatedly said that success requires concerted efforts and support of the fans.

- Juan Ramon Lopez Caro

Line Lives

Once you're in the presence of people who have put their lives actively on the line, repeatedly, you're never allowed to complain again. And I do, and we all do. But now I look at things a little differently.

- Ben Foster

More Advent

No one felt it more than the President. I saw him repeatedly, and he fairly groaned at the inexplicable delay in the advent of help from the loyal States.

- Henry Villard

Need Providing

UNICEF has repeatedly called on governments to ensure basic services for children and this includes providing food where the need exists.

- Carol Bellamy

Love Getting

I love the idea of someone getting knocked down repeatedly, but they still believe in love.

- Casey Wilson

Absence Many

What I have experienced, and experienced repeatedly, is the silence of God. For many years, this was a distressing matter for me. I did not consider it an experience, but the absence of an experience.

- James P. Carse

Still Been

I have a penchant for playing characters that have been victimized repeatedly and still stood their ground and still remained unembittered.

- Drea De Matteo

Process Always

I have repeatedly called for respecting institutions and the democratic process. Once the process is completed, we should always respect the outcome.

- Jejomar Binay

Play Someone

It was really a pleasure to play someone who's literally pushed past her breaking point repeatedly.

- Jeri Ryan

Practice Learn

Learn avidly. Question repeatedly what you have learned. Analyze it carefully. Then put what you have learned into practice intelligently.

- Edward Cocker

Some Stories

I have repeatedly said, when asked, that if the stories about me helped inspired our troops and rally a nation, then perhaps there was some good.

- Jessica Lynch

Which Been

As has repeatedly been stated, the underlying hypothesis, which in a number of cases has been supported by direct experimental evidence, is that each gene controls the production, function, and specificity of a particular enzyme.

- Edward Lawrie Tatum

Loud November

The president and Republicans in Congress have repeatedly promised to revisit Social Security privatization after November. But Americans have already said, loud and clear, that they don't want Social Security to be privatized or dismantled.

- Jim Clyburn

Memory Been

We know something of the history of the spread of Christianity, but much passed from recorded memory and much was transmitted by tradition whose accuracy has been repeatedly questioned.

- Kenneth Scott Latourette

Go Like

I'm one of these people that if I have a nice holiday - like I have had in Turkey repeatedly - I go back a lot.

- Freema Agyeman

Give Refused

I had repeatedly made written requests to the Fuehrer that I might be allowed to join the Wehrmacht as an ordinary soldier. He refused to give me this permission.

- Fritz Sauckel

Through Means

To ascertain the Lord's will, we ought to use scriptural means. Prayer, the word of God, and His Spirit should be united together. We should go to the Lord repeatedly in prayer, and ask Him to teach us by His Spirit through His word.

- George Muller

Small Some

I have also testified repeatedly and published some articles in favor of Small Science.

- Philip Warren Anderson

Law Unborn

Every human - especially the most vulnerable, the unborn, the infirm, those ravaged by age and those desperate in despair - should be protected in law, loved, and told repeatedly of their incredible beauty and worth.

- Sam Brownback


I have said repeatedly that the way to sustainable growth is to bring down inflation to much more reasonable levels.

- Raghuram Rajan

Girlfriend Been

I've probably said that in every feature I've been in. I've been repeatedly defined as the girlfriend or wife.

- Nancy Travis

Habits Either

Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.

- Sean Covey

Play Everyone

I play Nitin Sawhney's 'Letting Go' repeatedly, nonstop. I find it transformative. I'm so glad iPods were invented so I didn't have to drive everyone around me mad with the repetition.

- Natascha McElhone


Beginning with the stimulus, Obama has repeatedly inserted the government into the free market for political reasons - and with disastrous results.

- Reince Priebus

Better Country

I have said repeatedly that in this country we track library books better than we do sex offenders.

- Mark Foley

Cause Neural

Both depression and anxiety disorders, for example, are repeatedly described in the media as 'chemical imbalances in the brain,' as if spontaneous neural events with no relation to anything outside a person's brain cause depression and anxiety.

- Siri Hustvedt

Other Accused

Women are repeatedly accused of taking things personally. I cannot see any other honest way of taking them.

- Marya Mannes

Doctors Warned

My doctors warned me repeatedly that if you don't stay positive, you don't do well.

- Vince Flynn

Year Set

I have repeatedly emphasized that the Communists in North Korea appear to have set 1975 as the year of aggression against the South.

- Park Chung-hee

Waiting Always

If you acquiesce to one interview, there's always another waiting in the wings. Also if you're interviewed repeatedly, you just start repeating yourself. I don't like to do that.

- Robert Smith

Prime Sole

I am called repeatedly and insidiously prime and sole minister.

- Robert Walpole


What's happened is that an incessant, an insidious insurgency has repeatedly attacked the key infrastructure targets, reducing outputs.

- Stuart Bowen

Habit Act

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Will Durant

Flag Been

Obama has been attacked repeatedly for not wearing a flag pin, with Republicans claiming that his patriotism is in question. It's all a bit silly.

- Will Thomas

Week Goes

Every week I have a disaster in my kitchen. The fire alarm goes off repeatedly. But it doesn't stop me being adventurous.

- Paul O'Grady

New Shown

History has repeatedly shown that when a new method or material becomes available, new uses for it arise.

- Wilson Greatbatch

United States

The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held that marriage is one of the most fundamental rights that we have as Americans under our Constitution.

- Ted Olson

Phase Turned

Before and during the first phase of the war his administration repeatedly maligned the UN but now, that Iraq has turned into a quagmire, it is asking the UN for help.

- Peter Schuyler