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Work Through

A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.

- Albert Camus

Love Will

I have to face life with a newly found passion. I must rediscover the irresistible will to learn, to live and to love.

- Andrea Bocelli

Will Allowed

Believe it or not, we will actually be better and happier workers if we are allowed to be better parents. We might even rediscover our capacity for fun.

- Anne-Marie Slaughter

Nothing Invent

I invent nothing, I rediscover.

- Auguste Rodin

Need Lives

We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.

- Barbara De Angelis

Hope Must

We must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation.

- Ivan Illich

Unless Could

I knew I could not cope with the future unless I was able to rediscover the past.

- Gene Tierney

Away Nobility

For better or for worse, in 'The Last Savage,' I have dared to do away completely with fashionable dissonance, and in a modest way, I have endeavored to rediscover the nobility of gracefulness and the pleasure of sweetness.

- Gian Carlo Menotti

Die Everybody

I have the feeling that everybody was waiting for me to die so they could rediscover me. Then they found out I'm not dead yet, so they are rediscovering me while I'm still alive.

- Gian Carlo Menotti

Always Charge

I'm always surprised to rediscover that there's something kind of scary about life; and that the feeling we have that we're in charge is probably ill founded.

- Thomas McGuane

Nature Task

Our task is not to rediscover nature but to remake it.

- Raoul Vaneigem

New Symbol

Our vision is to rediscover the spirit of the Renaissance, create a new discipline where engineering for cultural heritage is actually a symbol of blending art and science together.

- Maurizio Seracini

Always Christ

I would submit to you that our greatest need is to rediscover the gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim it. I have always said this, especially to the young missionaries that I have dealt with.

- Paul Washer

Alive Through

We must master our egoism, and through this mastery, step outside ourselves and educate ourselves in giving. Fasting requires that we rediscover all that is alive around us, and reconcile ourselves with our environment.

- Tariq Ramadan

Needs Itself

Senegal needs to free itself, to rediscover its democracy.

- Youssou N'Dour