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Brainy Never

The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.

- Daniel Defoe

Think I Think

I'm not slick. I'm not polished. I think my strength is in reacting.

- Billy Bush

Trust Talking

People want to see something authentic. If it's too polished and highly produced, people might not trust it as much. If it's grainy, if it's coming from a webcam, if it's someone standing there and talking their mind or sharing their thoughts, people trust it much more.

- Chad Hurley

Mind Through

My words in her mind: cold polished stones sinking through a quagmire.

- James Joyce

Me Like

That's what prison did for me, it isolated me, you know, it polished me up like a stone.

- Jayson Williams

Society Nothing

What is called good society is usually nothing but a mosaic of polished caricatures.

- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

See Cut

For any writer, the ability to look at a sentence and see what's superfluous, what can be altered, revised, expanded, and, especially, cut, is essential. It's satisfying to see that sentence shrink, snap into place, and ultimately emerge in a more polished form: clear, economical, sharp.

- Francine Prose

Brainy Nor

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Diamonds Places

Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Innocence Armor

Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends.

- Robert South

Society Savages

The toute ensemble was such as to make polished society blush, when compared with these savages.

- Zebulon Pike