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Good Brings

What good is it to live a life that brings pains?

- Aeschylus

Believe Perpetual

It is the perpetual tragedy of all families: each of us believe our congenital pathologies and singular pains end with us.

- Alexandra Fuller

Sometimes Growing

Sometimes growing pains are by fits and starts.

- Anne Northup

Upset Everybody

You get those hunger pains. 'I am so hungry. We don't have any food. What are we going to eat?' Your stomach hurts. Then you get so upset and mad, like, no food. You start having tantrums and don't want to do anything. You get mad at everybody because you don't have any food. That's what happens when you don't eat. You are so sluggish.

- Ben McLemore

Faith Our

Sectarian divide has created a schism in our society that is a major challenge. As monarch of all Bahrainis, it pains me to see many harmed by the actions of a few. And yet I am optimistic and have faith in our people. We all realize that now is the time to strike a balance between stability and gradual reform.

- Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Show Access

The forties are the time when you begin to take notice of certain aches and pains. Your body and brain behave in inexplicable ways: Less hair on your head, more in your ears and nostrils. More memories in the bank, less synaptic firepower with which to access them. Gravity has started to show its inexorable pull.

- Hampton Sides

Listen Recording

Interested listeners have only to hear the recording to find out if those guys, who go to such pains to undervalue my work, are right. All people have to do is listen to realize it is a beautiful record.

- Bill Dixon

Deepest Oh

Oh, humiliation is poisonous. It's one of the deepest pains of being human.

- Pierce Brosnan

Back Some

People in this room must have back problems, I'm sure some of us do, and it is really, really one of the worst pains and debilitating parts of your body that you can actually have because you really can't do anything in your life when you have it.

- Greg Norman

Some Joint

You see that the people who are drawn to alternative medicine are often fairly healthy and they go to alternative medicine for what I call the 'symptoms of life.' Fatigue, joint pains, inability to concentrate, perhaps, the kinds of things that anyone over twenty-five gets at some point.

- Marcia Angell

Pills Nearly

Eighteenth-century doctors prescribed sugar pills for nearly everything: heart problems, headache, consumption, labor pains, insanity, old age, and blindness. Hence, the French expression 'like an apothecary without sugar' meant someone in an utterly hopeless situation.

- Tom Reiss

Sing Them

Them pains, when blues pains grab you, you'll sing the blues right.

- Otis Rush

Through Infinite

The Creator, in taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in every atom of creation, could have had but one motive - a sensitive desire that men seek Him only through free will.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Start Six

If I don't see my kids for six days, I start to get withdrawal pains.

- Ron Silver