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Buy Use

You don't realize how much you use your credit card not even to buy things. It's a card you get so you can navigate society.

- Adam Carolla

Woman Add

Being a young woman is difficult enough, but add to that the pressures of Hollywood's spotlight, and you have a lot to navigate.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Wealth Next

The next few years are going to be horrendous in the UK. The last thing we need is a Somali pirate-style raid on the few wealth creators who still dare to navigate Britain's gale-force waters.

- Andrew Lloyd Webber

Always Admired

I've always just admired women who were able to navigate through dramatic and comedic waters and sort of do it all.

- Ari Graynor

Bad Some

Every day we wake up, we have an opportunity to do some good, but there's so much bad that you have to navigate to get to the good.

- Chesley Sullenberger

Doing Think

I think good companies can navigate being public and doing the right things for their customers.

- Dan Rosensweig

Celebrity Always

I have this dream life where I get to be a celebrity but I get to navigate the world fairly easily because I'm always in character.

- Dana Carvey

New Always

In New York, we're always confined with spaces. Our restaurants are difficult to navigate as cooks and to operate. We fight against the buildings we run in New York.

- David Chang


Contemporary audiences are interested in watching characters navigate ethical challenges and moral dilemmas.

- David Zabel

New Going

You cannot expect the guy who drove the car into the ditch to navigate it out of the ditch. You have to put a new driver in the seat. I'm not saying the new driver is going to be any better, but we need a new driver. Kerry is the only choice.

- John Mellencamp

Innovation Often

The fruits of science and innovation have nourished our society and economy for years, but nations unable to navigate our regulatory system are often excluded, as are vulnerable individuals.

- John Sulston

Emotional Through

The way I navigate scenes is through what I perceive to be the emotional truth of the character: what he wants from moment to moment.

- Ben Bass

Process Border

We intend to keep the lines of communication open with the Defense Department so we can help our border law enforcement agencies navigate the equipment application process.

- Henry Cuellar

Death Very

Death just comes, not happiness. Because when you're trying to find happiness, you're trying to navigate a very, very murky minefield of distractions, of disappointments, of deceptions. That's why you have to work on happiness.

- Ian K. Smith

Think Brilliant

I think it's a brilliant tool to have, not only to have a sense of humor, but to be able to use humor to help one navigate life, and I tend not to be that type of person. I wish I were.

- Delroy Lindo

Through Feels

Everybody feels good in their skin for about a minute a day, and the rest of the day, you're just trying to navigate your way through the sea of terror.

- Jessalyn Gilsig

Used Centuries

For centuries, cultures throughout the world have used indigenous technologies to navigate life's complexities. From navigator-priests in Micronesia to mystics in India, vast sums of knowledge are available if we but recognize it.

- Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey

My Life Very

We live in a time where the media is a very difficult thing to navigate because it's everywhere, and I tend to want to be a lot more private with my life.

- Emily VanCamp

Very Feels

I know what it feels like to carry a lot of weight in a society that's very image-conscious. It's a thin person's world, and we try to navigate within it without being made fun of.

- Kevin Smith

Through Been

For me, my family and my faith have been what's really been my anchor, and grounding me, and helping me navigate through a lot of the things that really destroy marriages in Hollywood, and in your own personal integrity.

- Kirk Cameron

Trump Carefully

For federal races, being able to carefully navigate the Trump Era is a significant challenge.

- Kristen Soltis Anderson

Ideas Lives

Ideas matter. The world matters. Our lives matter, and the choices we make as we navigate our lives perhaps matter most of all.

- Lauren Myracle

My Life Been

I tend to navigate by indirection, meaning that most of the major things in my life have happened when I've been thinking about something else.

- Lauren Willig

Laws Like

Like all small-business owners, I know what it's like to take a risk on an idea, manage cash flow, navigate regulations and tax laws, and create jobs.

- Linda McMahon

Best Through

The best way to navigate through life is to give up all of our controls.

- Gerald Jampolsky

Work Parent

An unmarried adult who cannot navigate the welfare system has no choice but to work, but a married working parent is constantly evaluating the relative merits of staying home with the kids versus bringing home that second paycheck.

- Philip Greenspun

Pretty Very

There's so many confusing messages that you're being sent about being pretty but not too pretty, smart but not too smart, ambitious but in a way that makes people comfortable. It's very hard to navigate.

- Rachel Bloom

My Life Always

I always wish I had a road map for how to navigate my life as a parent and a producer, but in truth, it's a lot of trial and error.

- Raney Aronson-Rath

College Process

It's a hard process to navigate... to figure out where your kid ought to go to college.

- Margaret Spellings

Some Actually

Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it.

- Reid Hoffman

Work Success Is

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream.

- Tommy Hilfiger

Lawyers Built

I saw the legal system close up, and I understood that it was built by lawyers for lawyers, and unless you have an attorney to navigate it, you're not going to be successful.

- Shari Redstone

Normal Codes

The moral values, ethical codes and laws that guide our choices in normal times are, if anything, even more important to help us navigate the confusing and disorienting time of a disaster.

- Sheri Fink

Celebrity Still

It's really difficult to navigate attention and stardom and celebrity status and still try to maintain yourself and hold onto your intelligence and integrity. It's really challenging.

- Shirley Manson

Think Through

I think I'm very interested in people, in the way our minds work and how we navigate through the experience that is life. Very interested in people's struggles and their choices and their regrets and joys. I'm very interested in the human animal.

- Victor Salva

Make Maze

We can make aircrafts that can navigate a maze of hallways.

- Vijay Kumar

Adapt Makes

Your ability to adapt to failure, and navigate your way out of it, absolutely 100 percent makes you who you are.

- Viola Davis

Side Which

There are no road signs to help navigate. And, in fact, no one has yet determined which side of the road we're supposed to be on.

- Steve Case

Through Big One

There are certain things I believe we need to keep in our emotional arsenal as we navigate through life. Hope is a big one. The more of that we can carry, the better.

- Wendelin Van Draanen

Small Topics

In Slack, you create channels to discuss different topics. For a small group of people, those channels are relatively easy to manage and navigate.

- Stewart Butterfield

TV Multiple

TV writing is tricky to navigate because you have so many different personalities - the actors, multiple producers.

- Roger Avary

Beautiful River

The Yellowstone river is a beautiful river to navigate.

- William Henry Ashley

Process Buy

If you are not an accredited investor, you only have one option: to buy and hold bitcoin on your own. The process of acquiring bitcoin is risky and requires a lot of due diligence to navigate the landscape properly.

- Perianne Boring

Only Comedian

I'm the only comedian qualified to navigate a supertanker.

- Peter Baynham