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Listening Everybody

Babyface is one of the top songwriters in the world ever, and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have worked with everybody that I grew up listening to.

- Algee Smith

Working Jam

Working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was crazy.

- Algee Smith

Know Peacemaker

The John Lewis I know is a peacemaker.

- Alveda King

Them Episode

My favorite episode of Stargate? All of them! My favorite episode of Parker Lewis? All of them!

- Corin Nemec

Studio Influential

I had three influential teachers. The first was Uta Hagen. The second two, Bobby Lewis and my late husband, Charles Kakatsakis, were both from the Actors Studio.

- June Squibb

City Grew

I grew up on Don Knotts and Jerry Lewis and all the guys from Second City.

- Harland Williams

Thought Always

I've always thought Juliette Lewis was great.

- Indiana Evans

Fortune Luckily

Luckily, I have the good fortune of being on the same team as Ray Lewis. I don't have to face him on Sunday.

- Jamal Lewis

Ford Hudson

I acted three times with Fred MacMurray, three times with Martin and Lewis, four times with Rock Hudson. Three times with Glenn Ford.

- Dorothy Malone

Brothers Costello

I grew up on Jerry Lewis and Abbot and Costello, the Marx Brothers.

- Drake Bell

Name Jennifer

Apart from being Jennifer Lewis. The name pulls people in.

- Jenifer Lewis

Children Always

What I always say is that we're the illegitimate children of Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lewis.

- Kevin McDonald

Strength Making

In 1805, the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, making their way across the West, were warned by American Indian tribes of grizzly bears' awesome strength.

- Lydia Millet

Grateful Very

I would do any honest thing under the sun to know C. S. Lewis, and so am very grateful to you.

- Ruth Pitter

Sports Want

I want to rip out his heart and feed it to Lennox Lewis. I want to kill people. I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children.

- Mike Tyson

Mindset Dad

My dad and I would watch Ray Lewis a lot. His tenacity, and he was everywhere. I wanted that mindset, too.

- Malik Jackson

Always Been

I've always been a huge fan of apologetics. C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors.

- Shane Harper

Crystal Through

As far as spiritual influences in Christian music, I would say Crystal Lewis - a lot of her songs especially. The ministry she has through her songs has really hit me.

- Stacie Orrico

Like Started

I started off with the really funky stuff like Ramsey Lewis, Milt Jackson, Kenny Burrell.

- Robert Quine

Sing Only

Not only do I sing to him, I sing entire conversations. You become Jerry Lewis.

- Paul Reiser

Numbers Morals

I differ materially from Capt. Lewis, in my account of the numbers, manners, and morals of the Sioux.

- Zebulon Pike