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Strange Could

In the seventeenth century, a French missionary in Canada reported a 'strange legend' circulating among the Hurons. They told of a monster with a 'horn' that could pierce anything, even rock.

- Adrienne Mayor

Some Dench

I got a chance to work with so many stalwarts from British cinema. Judi Dench, of course, who is a legend. Then there was my director Stephen Frears. He is the man who made some of British cinema's salient trendsetters.

- Ali Fazal

Jazz Tony

Tony Bennett is an iconic jazz legend.

- Andra Day

Chill Sets

Kurt Russell... he is a bloody legend. I have idolised him, and to chill with him on the sets while shooting was an incredible experience.

- Ali Fazal

Surviving Everybody

I do a lot of research. For 'I Am Legend', I did a lot of research about survivors. If everybody is dead around you, how you can keep surviving. I went to the bookstore and found psychiatry books about survivors from the Holocaust.

- Alice Braga

Big More

My father loved 'Godard and Truffaut.' He was more artsy. My mom loved the 'Bourne' trilogy; she likes big blockbusters. She loved that I did 'I Am Legend.' My passion for acting came with my passion for movies.

- Alice Braga

Ring Like

Ali was a legend of our sport. For me as a kid, he inspired me to represent myself like a champion in and out of the ring.

- Anthony Joshua

Old Either

To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old!

- Christopher Lee

Thought Reflections

I read 'The Crystal Cave' book by Mary Stewart, and I thought it was a really, really interesting part of the legend, in which Merlin could enter into the cave with these crystals and see reflections of the future in them and learn how to use that and harness those powers for himself.

- Colin Morgan

Feel Bush

There are days when I'm completely obsessed with Kate Bush, and there are days when I'm completely obsessed with the Eurythmics. Then it's Aretha Franklin, then it's Lena Horne, then it's Ella Fitzgerald, then it's John Legend, then it's Michael Jackson. Music, to me, is like food, so I feel like whatever I need that day, I can get from a song.

- Cynthia Erivo

Year Going

My sister Kathleen - one year older - was the school's acting legend. Her thing was getting all the parts, even Tiresias. And I wasn't going to mess with that.

- D. B. Sweeney

Game Copied

When you work with a legend as I do, it's wonderful. There's so many things I've learned working with Keith. He's so patient, not only with me, but with everyone in our crew and with the audience and with the game. He has a style that is so easy and will never be copied.

- Dan Fouts

Living Everybody

When I was a kid, we all knew who Niki Lauda was. He was a hero, a living legend in Germany. Everybody knows him.

- Daniel Bruhl

Game Available

All though I didn't meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me.

- Dave Winfield

Boy Anything

I'm interested in making films of all sizes. During this time I've made a film called 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas', which is a modest-sized film. I was involved in 'I Am Legend' and 'Yes, Man', but 'Potter' is unique. There'll never be anything like 'Potter' again.

- David Heyman

Own Some

Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend.

- Jim Harrison

Year Dozens

Dozens of America's wealthiest taxpayers - including hedge fund legend Michael Steinhardt, super trial lawyer Guy Saperstein, and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame - have appealed to President Obama not to renew the Bush tax cuts for anyone earning more than $1 million a year.

- Joe Conason

Like Old

John legend is a nickname that somebody started calling me a while ago and part of it is 'cos I sound like an old man when I sing.

- John Legend

Jazz Actually

Well, actually, I don't consider myself a jazz legend or anything.

- Joseph Jarman

Like Favorites

Joaquin Sabina is one of my favorites. He's like a legend. He's like our Bob Dylan, or our Bruce Springsteen. He's one of the most talented writers of our Latin music.

- Juanes

Alone I Am

If I am a legend, then why am I so lonely?

- Judy Garland

I Think Joan

I think Joan Rivers is such an untapped legend that people just don't appreciate, because they grew up with her on QVC, or they grew up with her on E!, or they grew up watching her do the things that in their minds the more prestigious comics wouldn't have taken or done.

- Julie Klausner

Thought Civil War

Strangely enough, the legend of John Brown, who was clearly crazy, helped the abolitionist cause and is thought to have precipitated the American Civil War.

- Justin Cartwright

Watches Everybody

Everybody watches Bruce Lee. That's a legend. He's the man!

- Astro

History Lie

Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age.

- H. L. Mencken

Deserves Dad

My mom keeps me going, man. She deserves such a good life. I just wanna give it to her. My dad, too. My family, my friends, they keep me motivated. Just knowing my personal legend, just knowing what I'm supposed to do, that keeps me going.

- Big Sean

Been Acknowledged

Batman has been acknowledged as a legend in my lifetime.

- Bob Kane

Myself About

I intend to explode the myths about myself and get down to the real truth about the legend that is Batman.

- Bob Kane

Me Ask

I'm a legend in this sport. If you don't believe me, ask me.

- Bobby Heenan

Civilization Here

Here the Frenchman, Spaniard, and Englishman all passed, leaving each his legend; and a brilliant and more or less feudal civilization with its aristocracy and slaves has departed with the economic system upon which it rested.

- Hervey Allen

Work Play

When people see a legend, they call it a legend. But to be a legend, it's a lot of hard work and patience. You can't play for five or ten years and be a legend. It takes longer than that.

- Burning Spear

Decision Song

I have a song called 'Decisions' that features Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Common. It's about people who have made a decision to really stand by you as friends.

- Busta Rhymes

Want Go

If you want to be remembered as great, if you want to be a legend, you have to go out there every single day and do stuff.

- J. J. Watt

Book Origin

I've tried to show in my most recent book, the 'Irresistible Fairytale', that in order to talk about any genre, particularly what we call simple genre - a myth, a legend, an anecdote, a tall tale, and so on - we really have to understand something about the origin of stories all together.

- Jack Zipes

Magic I Think

Now, I think that I should have known that he was magic all along. I did know it - but I should have guessed that it would be too much to ask to grow old with and see our children grow up together. So now, he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man.

- Jackie Kennedy

Olympic Aim

It's amazing to get one Olympic gold, but you have to be a legend to get two. And that's definitely my aim.

- Jade Jones

Olympic Double

The hunger has come back now because I want to be a double Olympic champion. I want to be a legend.

- Jade Jones

She Audrey

I know there'll be comparisons, but I consider it an honor to be compared to Audrey Hepburn. She's a legend.

- Catherine Oxenberg

Best Remembered

I want to set myself as a real legend in the sport, like Phelps and Mark Spitz are remembered worldwide. I want people to say, like they say of Ronaldo that he is the best soccer player in the world, I want them to say Chad Le Clos is the best swimmer in the world.

- Chad le Clos

Broadway Some

I've had the good fortune of working with some amazing people. I mean, my first Broadway show was with Elizabeth Taylor and Maureen Stapleton. Maureen Stapleton, a legend in the theatre; Elizabeth Taylor, a legend, period.

- Dennis Christopher

Technology Turned

Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation.

- Jean Arp

I Am Like

A legend - now I am like a unicorn.

- Jean Giraud

Person Real Person

I'm not a real person. I'm a legend.

- Jean-Michel Basquiat

Been Vampires

When I started writing about vampires, I swore that I wouldn't touch the 'Dracula' legend because it's been done too many times.

- Jeaniene Frost

Tree Own

Every crag and gnarled tree and lonely valley has its own strange and graceful legend attached to it.

- Douglas Hyde

Always Being

I always aimed at being a legend.

- Eileen Myles


I want to be a legend.

- Justine Skye

Dallas Anybody

John Travolta, I don't think anybody would not jump at a chance to work with a guy like him because he's gone from 'Grease' to 'Face Off' to, he's gonna do 'Dallas.' I mean, he's so great in his range, and he's truly a legend and a pro in our time.

- Elijah Kelley

Hero Cult

I wanna be a legend; I wanna be a cult hero. I do!

- Kathleen Hanna

Architecture United

Even at the United Nations, where legend has it that the building was designed so that there could be no corner offices, the expanse of glass in individual offices is said to be a dead giveaway as to rank. Five windows are excellent, one window not so great.

- Enid Nemy

Hollywood I Think

The first thing I think of when I hear the name of Lucille Ball is a Hollywood legend. I have fond memories of growing up at her house, but she was a different person off the set than she was on the set.

- Keith Thibodeaux

Voice Big

Legend has it that when God created me, he gave me a big distinctive voice, a lot of boldness and no heart.

- Ethel Merman

Never Considered

I've never considered myself as a legend - just a simple man with heart.

- Fedor Emelianenko

Records However

It is curious to reflect, for example, upon the remarkable legend of the Philosopher's Stone, one of the oldest and most universal beliefs, the origin of which, however far back we penetrate into the records of the past, we do not probably trace its real source.

- Frederick Soddy

Business Ralph

Perhaps the single most effective antagonist of American business is Ralph Nader, who - thanks largely to the media - has become a legend in his own time and an idol of millions of Americans.

- Lewis F. Powell, Jr.

Other Line

The line of demarcation between history and legend is too thin to observe while writing; the two overlap each other unconsciously and unknowingly.

- Lobsang Tenzin

I Think Very

I'm from Canada, and I think, like everyone growing up anywhere else in the world, you are very aware of America - it sort of looms large in its legend, and so did Detroit.

- Ryan Gosling

Invisible Suspense

If you want to be a legend, God help you, it's so easy. You just do one thing. You can be the master of suspense, say. But if you want to be as invisible as is practical, then it's fun to do a lot of different things.

- Mike Nichols

Done Davis

I know what I've done for music, but don't call me a legend. Just call me Miles Davis.

- Miles Davis

Will Bodies

According to an ancient Sardinian legend, the bodies of those who are born on Christmas Eve will never dissolve into dust but are preserved until the end of time.

- Grazia Deledda

I Think Planned

I think art cannot be planned. The audience is too smart to get the dishonesty or 'too much planning' thing. I am not a legend, but I want to be one. I want to be known as an achiever. There is so much more that I can do.

- Priyanka Chopra

Spite Remains

Legend remains victorious in spite of history.

- Sarah Bernhardt

Goal Want

I want to do that. That's my goal. I want to become a legend.

- Rafael dos Anjos

Want Just Be

I don't want to just be a champion, and I'm done with that. I wanna be a lightweight legend.

- Rafael dos Anjos

Doing Half

After 'Psychonauts,' we could have laid off half our team so that we'd have more money and time to sign 'Brutal Legend.' But doing so would have meant breaking up a team that had just learned how to work well together. And what message would that have sent to our employees? It would say that we're not loyal to them, and that we don't care.

- Tim Schafer

Kind Like

I've seen 'Legend'. I like a different kind of cinema, but when done with conviction, anything looks good.

- Rakul Preet Singh

Thankful Deserve

I'm thankful that I have lived long enough to become a legend, and I hope I deserve it.

- Ralph Stanley

Movie Works

I'm always a little starstruck anyway. So to work with a movie star, which is Brad, I was excited about that; to work with a movie legend, which is Tony, I wouldn't have passed that up. Just to get to watch him and watch how he works.

- Marcia Gay Harden

Book Young

I receive emails from readers that both break my heart and give me a profound sense of connection. Several months ago, I received an email from a teacher who told me that 'Legend' was the first book one of her troubled young students had ever read to the end. He cried when he finished it. Stories like that stay with you forever.

- Marie Lu

Athlete Going

There was no way we were going to let this band hobble around on three legs. We chose the route that every professional actor, athlete and musician should do - leave the legend intact and bow out at the top.

- Tommy Lee

Late Mel Brooks

The person who should really write an appreciation of the late great Dom DeLuise is Burt Reynolds, who, even more than Mel Brooks, made of the jolly, beanie wearing fat man a side-kick and a legend.

- Rich Cohen

Doing Maybe

I started singing to this one John Legend record; it was called 'Each Day Gets Better,' or something like that. I started to realize, 'Wow, I really sound like this dude. If I keep doing this, maybe I can sound dope like John Legend and still rap.'

- Tory Lanez

More Emerged

When I was a child, Israel was a legend more than a reality. She emerged from a dream, and today she has surpassed that dream.

- Shimon Peres

Against Idea

'I Am Legend' is quite unusual for its time. I just wanted to write a story about female boxers, and I couldn't get that going in my mind. I don't know exactly where the idea of just a man pitting himself against a robot boxer came from.

- Richard Matheson

Want Those

I want to be one of those ones: a legend.

- Ty Dolla Sign

Living Providing

All I care about is providing and living every day. I don't care about world titles, being a legend, or being a hero.

- Tyson Fury

Goal Get

If I get to be a legend, I've achieved my goal.

- Usain Bolt

Want John

I want John Legend to sing at my wedding.

- Sloane Stephens

Like Going

I am going to miss Don Shula. I like him, and I admire him. I'm going to miss looking those 53 yards across the field and thinking, 'There is a coaching legend.'

- Marv Levy

Young Movie

I'm a child of the Disney Renaissance, so the new classics are near and dear. I suppose this is a legend more than a fairy tale, but 'Mulan' is easily my favorite. Not only is it a fun, action-packed, beautiful movie, but it's so important for young girls to have.

- Victoria Aveyard

Christmas Album

The No. 1 best-selling Christmas album of all time is from Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, the Jewish smooth-jazz legend Kenny G. American Jews have always produced a lot of holiday music, just not Hanukkah music.

- Matisyahu

Been Freddy

I never played Freddy as real. In the true bible of Wes Craven's outline for the films, Freddy only manifests himself in dreams. And a lot goes into a dream, not the least of which is imagination. So Freddy is secondhand information. Freddy is an urban legend that's been handed down to these teenagers over the years.

- Robert Englund


I can't be a legend yet. I'm not dead.

- Maynard James Keenan

Given Too

In football, the hero and legend status is given out far too easily for me.

- Steven Gerrard

Feels Surreal

Any time you are put in the same category as Jane Fonda, a real legend, it feels surreal, perhaps even undeserved.

- Megan Ellison

Me Only

There is only one legend. That's me.

- Roberto Duran

Best Anderson

I beat Anderson Silva and then Luke Rockhold, who was, pound-for-pound, one of the best. Now I get to do Dan Henderson, who is a legend in the sport.

- Michael Bisping

Abuse Next

Legend has it that when Franco's troops crushed Catalonia in 1939, relegating it for the next thirty-five years to abuse and neglect, one of his generals was asked what more he could possibly want now that he had Barcelona.

- Michael Paterniti

Some Dench

Usually, you get to interview that one girl who plays the sister on some Disney show - you interview that girl a lot - but sometimes, every once in a while, you get to interview a legend. I have interviewed some amazingly iconic people, including Michelle Obama, Oprah, Sidney Poitier and Judy Dench. These people are legit icons.

- Ross Mathews