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Want Bring

At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That's the only way to defeat terrorism.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Better Off Hussein

It is now conventional wisdom that Americans do not care why we went to war in Iraq, that it is enough that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein.

- Adam Schiff

Fair Resolutions

I call on the international community to be fair to the Iraqi people. My position is that we respect international resolutions but in return demand justice and accountability for those who stole Iraq's money.

- Ahmed Chalabi

I Believe That

The view that we hold in Iraq now is this - that democracy is associated with elections. I believe that elections are possible.

- Ahmed Chalabi

Germany Equals

Baathism in Iraq equals Nazism in Germany.

- Ahmed Chalabi

Politics Government

Sectarian politics gets votes in Iraq. But sectarian government fails in Iraq.

- Ahmed Chalabi

War Saw

In the lead up to the Iraq war and its later conduct, I saw at a minimum, true dereliction, negligence and irresponsibility, at worse, lying, incompetence and corruption.

- Anthony Zinni

Like Goes

The true credit for our safety and security goes to our men and women who are serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan in the global war on terrorism.

- Asa Hutchinson

Body Put

When I decided to stay in Iraq, I decided to take the fear out of my body and put it into a freezer.

- Asne Seierstad

Nothing Responsible

Iraq did nothing to us. Iraq was not responsible for 9/11.

- Charles Evers

Very Could

Doves oppose war on the grounds that the risks exceed the gains. War with Iraq could be very costly, possibly degenerating into urban warfare.

- Charles Krauthammer

Will Mass

Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.

- Al Gore

Deserve Always

As a reporter, I embedded for modest stints with American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. When I'm asked about those experiences, I always say - and mean - that we civilians don't deserve the soldiers we have.

- Alex Berenson

Going About

People don't know much about what's going on on the ground in Iraq: what you see in the media is heavily censored.

- Alexander Skarsgard

February Woman

The first time I passed as a woman in public was on leave in the U.S. from my deployment to Iraq in February 2010.

- Chelsea Manning

Serve Wide

My eyes are wide open... you serve in Iraq, your eyes are wide open.

- Chris Gibson

Motives Mixed

And then there's Israel - a lot of people support Israel, and it's important to Israel to take out Iraq. So it's all mixed together. It's a combination of motives.

- Chris Matthews

Go Unfortunately

Instead, we did take our eye off the ball. We decided, instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan, to go into Iraq. And today, unfortunately, if you look at the situation on the ground, it is a mess.

- Chris Van Hollen

False Reflect

ISIS is luring Americans with empty and false promises that do not reflect reality on the ground in Iraq.

- Chuck Fleischmann

Go Deal

I have never believed you go to war in Iraq, you go to war in Afghanistan, and believe that you can deal with those battlefields, those countries, in microcosms, or narrow channels.

- Chuck Hagel

Worse Obviously

Obviously this is the world descending into worse and worse standards of targeting civilians both in state violence in Iraq, Gaza and so on and the terrorist retaliation.

- Clare Short

Threatening Turnout

They appear to have had a higher voter turnout in Iraq than we did in our recent federal elections, and we didn't have terrorists threatening to kill our families if we voted.

- Conrad Burns

Will Months

The President's speech suggested to me that were we to follow his leadership, we will be in Iraq not for months, but for years. I also hope I am wrong on this.

- Daniel Inouye

Sympathy Everyone

I believe that everyone can appreciate the right of a family to grieve the loss of a loved one in peace, regardless of anyone's position on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

- Dave Reichert

War Middle

I had the privilege of serving in uniform with British forces in Cold War Europe, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the greater Middle East.

- David Petraeus

Been Hussein

Since the ousting and capture of Saddam Hussein by U.S. forces, civil rights and personal freedoms have been restored in Iraq, as well as equal rights to all, not just to Saddam's entourage of terrorists.

- Jim Gerlach

Congress Introduce

In 2005, I was the first member of Congress to introduce legislation calling for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.

- Jim McGovern

Thought Been

I thought Iraq was the wrong war at the wrong time and have been fighting to get the Administration to stop its failed policy and bring our troops home.

- Jim McGovern

Victory Transnational

The elections in Iraq are a victory for freedom and the Iraqi people, and a blow to the transnational network of terrorists who have tried to prevent this day from happening.

- Jim Talent

Week Over

A billion dollars every week for Iraq, $87 billion for Iraq. We can't get $5 billion for childcare over five years in welfare reform.

- Jim Wallis

Generation Like

Of course, I'm drawn to a place like Iraq because It's the biggest story of our generation.

- Joe Sacco

False Carried

The war on Iraq was a disaster, clearly carried out under false pretences.

- Joe Wilson

I Am Am

I am all in favour of democracy in Iraq.

- John Bolton

People Suffered

The people of Iraq have suffered greatly.

- John Chilcot

Never Scale

The scale of the U.K. effort in post-conflict Iraq never matched the scale of the challenge.

- John Chilcot

His Blair

Blair overestimated his ability to influence U.S. decisions on Iraq.

- John Chilcot

War Advocating

I am a Korean War veteran. I support our troops as much as anyone in this body, but I do so by advocating redeployment out of Iraq as soon as it can be safely done.

- John Conyers

War Country

This war is being played in the realm of public opinion and has dire consequences for our soldiers in Iraq, the future of our country, and freedom around the world.

- John Doolittle

Been Certainly

Since 1945, no one in the U.S. military has liked the end result of the military conflicts we've been in: Vietnam, Korea, certainly Iraq, and probably Afghanistan. But in a democracy, you salute.

- John F. Kelly

Country Also

Let us also reflect on the honorable service of our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces currently serving our country overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and around the world.

- John Linder

Death Which

In just three years, Iraq has achieved immense progress. It has had three successful elections in which 80% of their citizens voted, even while being threatened with death.

- John Linder

Particularly Before

We are particularly interested in the mental health programs and policies that support our troops and their families before, during, and after deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

- John M. McHugh

Will Nations

Lasting peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan will be achieved when we establish the conditions for democratic, economically viable nations.

- John Warner

Getting Immense

Iraq continues to be an immense disaster, and the President has no apparent plan for getting our troops out.

- Jose Serrano

Marine Corps Served

I served two tours in Iraq, in the Marine Corps.

- Josh Mandel

United States Opposed

There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq and there are patriots who supported the war in Iraq. We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.

- Barack Obama

Cost Willing

America must continue diplomacy, even as we continue the war, to expand the coalition of the willing to share the burden of war and to share the responsibility and the economic cost of rebuilding Iraq.

- Barbara Mikulski

Controlling Britain

The U.S. and Britain are incapable of controlling all of Iraq.

- Bashar al-Assad

However Courageously

Is there an equality of power between America and Iraq? Definitely not; however, the Iraqi people are standing fast and are defending their land courageously.

- Bashar al-Assad

War Terrorists

A democratic and stable Iraq and Afghanistan are essential to our broader efforts to make no place safe for terrorists and to win the War on Terrorism.

- Ben Nelson

More Than

The U.N. is much more than the case of Iraq.

- Hans Blix

Like Groups

In my judgment, the greatest risks are international terrorist groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah. The war in Iraq has taken our attention off those priorities.

- Bob Graham

Defeat Now

What we now have in Iraq is a defeat.

- Henry Waxman

Oil About

Iraq is not about oil.

- Bobby Ray Inman

Tonight Bush

Tonight, I concurred with President Bush when he stated that the decisions on future involvement of U.S. troops in Iraq should be left to the Pentagon and not politicians in Washington.

- Howard Coble

Chaos Descend

If Iraq were to descend into chaos, the Europeans would feel the effects just as much as we would.

- Brent Scowcroft

Will Lacks

Saddam's ouster will not necessarily lead to the same result, since Iraq lacks democratic traditions. Democracy doesn't just consist of holding elections.

- Brent Scowcroft

Thank You Succeeding

We are succeeding in Iraq. Thank you, America.

- Iyad Allawi

Setbacks Succeeding

We are succeeding in Iraq. It's a tough struggle with setbacks, but we are succeeding.

- Iyad Allawi

Chance Will

If we have a chance of succeeding and bringing stability and democracy to Iraq, it will mean learning from our mistakes, not denying them and not ignoring them.

- Carl Levin

Tyranny Still

The terrorist attacks of September 11th and the courageous actions of our armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq remind us that friends of tyranny and enemies of freedom still exist.

- Carl Levin

Geneva Monstrous

What's happened at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq is one of the grossest violations of human rights under the Geneva Conventions that we have record of. It is simply monstrous.

- Carlos Fuentes

Children Well

Well, I know that 500,000 children died in Iraq because of the embargo.

- Jacques Verges

Through Rather

Rather, it is through conciliation and compromise that we are building a fair Iraq, a just state for all its peoples.

- Jalal Talabani

Which Forces

Iraq is not occupied, but there are foreign forces on its soil, which is different.

- Jalal Talabani

More Terror

As we continue to make great progress in the war on terror, now more than ever, it is important that members of the international community stand-by and bolster the efforts of the emerging diplomatic leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

- James Inhofe

Jews Using

And we've also had now the speaker of the Parliament in Iraq using blatantly anti-Semitic remarks, saying the Jews and sons of Jews are the problem of all the violence that's in Iraq.

- Jan Schakowsky

Dominance Area

Iraq is a manufactured conflict for the sake of geopolitical dominance in the area.

- Janeane Garofalo

Had Followed

In Iraq during the days of Saddam, I had a government minder who followed me everywhere, reported on my activities.

- Janine di Giovanni

November Transferred

In November, they transferred control of Abu Ghraib to the military intelligence command completely; it was, after all, the center for interrogations for Iraq.

- Janis Karpinski

Everywhere Part

Iraq is part of a legitimate American effort not to have democracy everywhere but to have democracy somewhere.

- Dinesh D'Souza

Administration Bush

The Bush administration said today there is a lot of support for us to attack Iraq. Exxon, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron, they're all lining up.

- Jay Leno

Hiding Like

We're like Iraq. We're hiding missiles. We've got two missiles in reserve.

- Jayson Williams

United States United

The United States did not act in Iraq in 1988 when gas was being used on the Kurds or when gas was used in the Iranian-Iraq War.

- Jeff Duncan

Important Various

We know that there are various activities important to the insurgents in Iraq that are occurring in Syria.

- Douglas Feith

War Hussein

Saddam Hussein was a horrible man, and I am pleased he is no longer running Iraq. But the war was wrong.

- Ed Balls

Against Initial

Although I voted against the initial resolution approving the war in Iraq, I have consistently voted to support our troops with much-needed armor and supplies.

- Ed Pastor

Afghanistan Get

I'm saying 9/11 was to get us into Iraq and get us into Afghanistan.

- Jesse Ventura

Medical Dangerous

The most dangerous fundamentalists aren't just waging war in Iraq; they're attacking evolution, blocking medical research and ignoring the environment.

- Jill Greenberg

Which Terrorists

The terrorists know what is at stake, which is why they are pulling out all the stops to derail our efforts. They understand that a free and democratic Iraq is a serious blow to their interests.

- Elizabeth Dole

Too Late Bush

We realize too late that President Bush shouldn't have taken us into Iraq, and President Obama shouldn't have taken us out.

- Kathleen Troia McFarland

Want Religious

Those people who want to express their religious beliefs on public property should enjoy the same rights that we provide to those protesting the war in Iraq.

- Ernest Istook

Changes Era

The birth of democracy in Iraq is one of the great positive changes of our era.

- Ernest Istook

Proud Why

We should be proud of liberating the 26 million people in Iraq and should remember that this is why it is important to stick it out to it's successful conclusion.

- Evan Bayh

Making Another

As we have heard, the end of al-Zarqawi is a significant blow to al-Qaida operations in Iraq. It is another clear indication of the progress we are making.

- Kit Bond

Going Republicans

There are a growing number of conservatives and Republicans who, while they support the president and support the war in Iraq, wonder how many of these nation-building wars we're going to engage in and what the parameters of that are.

- Lamar Alexander

Role Models

Athletes as role models and heroes is a hoax, a sick hoax. The men and women who are fighting in Iraq, they are the true heroes.

- Gale Sayers

Offensive Protecting

We are so appreciative of the men and women in uniform who are protecting us, whether in Afghanistan or Iraq or on ships around the world. For our security, they are taking the offensive to the terrorists overseas.

- George Allen

War Opposed

The truth is that I oppose the Iraq war, just as I opposed the Vietnam War, because these two conflicts have weakened the U.S. and diminished our standing in the world and our national security.

- George McGovern

Covering Occupation

I was kidnapped by Sunni insurgents near Fallujah, in Iraq, ambushed by the Taliban in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, and injured in a car accident that killed my driver while covering the Taliban occupation of the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

- Lynsey Addario

Thought Bad

Are there really good wars and bad wars? We thought so during World War II, and in retrospect, we were right. But in Vietnam, and Iraq we were wrong.

- Madeleine M. Kunin


As far as Iraq, the important thing is that the Taliban is gone in Afghanistan, three-quarters of the al-Qaida leadership is either dead or in jail, and we now have Saudi Arabia working with us, Pakistan working with us.

- Peter T. King

Britain Cited

There is much in the result of John Chilcot's seven-year inquiry into the decision-making that led to Britain's involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that can be cited to excuse headlines that refer to his findings as 'scathing' and 'damning.'

- Terry Glavin

Win Only

There is only one option in Iraq: that we win.

- Thelma Drake

Will Before

What I see as the greatest threat to America is that the American people will put political pressure on their leaders to pull out of Iraq before we should.

- Thelma Drake

Doing We Cannot

Our military is doing everything it can to equip Iraq's forces so our troops can come home as soon as possible, but we cannot leave until the job is done.

- Mike Rogers

Against Use

The use of military force against Iraq and Afghanistan was and remains just.

- Thomas Bossert

Deer Films

From Vietnam's 'Deer Hunter' to Iraq, films are never about the person who has had his house destroyed.

- Mira Nair

Invasion Caused

If anything caused ISIS, it was the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

- Mohammad Javad Zarif

Honor Finally

It's an amazing thing to hear they're finally giving out a Medal of Honor to a soldier from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

- Tim Hetherington