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Doing Telling

Herr Schroder has conducted two electoral campaigns, and he is doing it again now, by not telling people what is really necessary. He keeps avoiding the difficult and uncomfortable issues, those that imply changes and therefore provoke discussions.

- Angela Merkel

Trump Recoil

U.S. stocks did not recoil from Trump's electoral victory, instead setting a record for election-to-year-end gains.

- Anthony Scaramucci

City Divided

They divided the city into three electoral wards, and in one ward there was 70 percent of the people, the Catholic population, and they elected eight representatives to the city council.

- John Hume

Job Presidency

The presidency is not an entry-level electoral job.

- John Podhoretz

College Banks

Much as banks don't care where your money's coming from, the Electoral College is all 'don't ask, don't care' when it comes to votes.

- John Ridley

Process Voters

Voters must have faith in the electoral process for our democracy to succeed.

- Blanche Lincoln

Politics Always

Electoral politics was always an objective of the Black Panther party, so Barack Obama is a part of what we dreamed and struggled and died for.

- Bobby Seale

Innocent Part

As I climbed the electoral ladder - from state assemblyman to mayor of Woodbridge and finally to governor of New Jersey - political compromises came easy to me because I'd learned how to keep a part of myself innocent of them.

- James McGreevey

Through Decided

It is not through any combinations of politicians that the outcome of an electoral campaign is decided.

- Dominique de Villepin

College Citizen

Every citizen's vote should count in America, not just the votes of partisan insiders in the Electoral College.

- Gene Green

Politics Anybody

I don't for the life of me understand how anybody could contemplate the results of the 2000 election in the US and say that electoral politics doesn't matter any more, and that Ralph Nader was right when he said there is no difference between the two parties.

- Todd Gitlin

College Most

Most people don't understand the Electoral College; they don't know why it exists.

- Tom Golisano

Votes Proportion

Require... electoral votes to be allocated in proportion to the popular votes.

- Robert A. Dahl

System Lincoln

Despite its flaws, the American electoral system has produced Lincoln, the two Roosevelts, and Harry Truman.

- Robert Dallek

Thought Effort

I thought that that was an effort to inject a popular element, a democratic element into the selection of a person who, once he is selected and confirmed, is beyond electoral control.

- Stephen Breyer