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Against Then

If we cling to the institution of Islam, then we tend to defend it against whatever we see as a danger to it, so because of this we see now that many people are defending states, defending territories, defending everything institutional in the belief that they defend Islam.

- Abdurrahman Wahid

Woman Anybody

I do not believe that defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman excludes anybody or usurps anybody's civil rights and denies anybody their civil rights.

- Alan Autry

Think I Think

I don't think of us as defending ourselves. I think of us as a challenger, an attacker.

- Ana Patricia Botin

Will Conscience

As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending.

- Andrew Jackson

Behind Idea

The idea behind 'Defending Your Life': Imagine if you had to sit in a courtroom and watch your life. I don't care who you are - if you committed a crime and you had to have all of your emails searched and made public, who on this planet could survive that? Nobody.

- Albert Brooks

Nature New

Today a new faith is stirring: the myth of blood, the faith that along with blood we are defending the divine nature of man as a whole.

- Alfred Rosenberg

Against Surely

Surely no issue unites us more than our appreciation for our military personnel who are bringing aid to devastated countries, defending us against terrorism, and fighting to make a free election possible in Iraq.

- Christine Gregoire

Back Fought

Organizations like the ACLU fought and won the good fight back in the 1960's, but it's clear that nowadays they've run out of useful things to do since they now spend most of their time defending the scum of the Earth from getting what they rightly deserve.

- Craig Bruce


I have this fantasy that in future negotiations over climate change - instead of going into that room and saying, 'I'm defending Chinese interests,' or 'I'm defending Australian interests' - there will also be an identity inside of each of the negotiators thinking, 'I'm also defending human interests.'

- David Christian

Tone Industry

Dull would be the man who should merely tolerate this plan of social industry. Weak would be the position of him who should take an apologetic tone in defending it, or present its claims in a merely negative way, by exposing the evils and perils of the socialistic plan.

- John Bates Clark

Being Less

When actors are being defensive and defending their position, that is when you get less than good acting.

- John Boorman

Play About

My job is all about defending the people that I play.

- Ben Foster

Last North

And Oliver North was really a good soldier, up to the last moment, shoving memos into the shredder and defending the policy to the end.

- Bobby Ray Inman

Believe People

Without peace and without the overwhelming majority of people that believe in peace defending it, working for it, believing in it, security can never really be a reality.

- Hussein of Jordan

Mine Turned

Fitness, defending, the mental stuff - those were all weaknesses of mine. And I turned those into strengths.

- Carli Lloyd

I Think Defence

I think there is no defending a title. You don't go into a season with a points advantage over anyone. So I don't think it's ever a title defence. I think you've got a different number on your bike, if you choose so, but everyone starts at zero again.

- Casey Stoner

Trauma Firsthand

As a veteran, I know firsthand the satisfaction there is in defending the democracy you so strongly believe in, but I can also attest to the trauma encountered from combat on the battlefield.

- Charles B. Rangel

Love Back

I love all of Albert Brooks' work from 'Defending Your Life' back to his first film, 'Real Life', but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work.

- Douglas Wood

Jews Terms

In terms of defending Jews, I'm a Jew.

- Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Years About

What is sad to me is not what Bill Nye thinks about me. What I found really unfortunate is that after presenting my stand on God's Word, there were a number of Christians who were more complimentary of Bill Nye than of me because Bill Nye was defending evolution and billions of years.

- Ken Ham

Peace Duty

Defending peace is the duty of all.

- Fidel Castro

Better Than

Attacking is better than defending.

- Pham Nhat Vuong

Using Works

Even if torture works, what is the point of 'defending' America using a tactic that is a fundamental violation of what America ought to mean?

- Phil Klay

Tired Get

After a while, you get tired of being the official Scot and defending everything Scottish.

- Philip Kerr

Wife Woman

What I am defending is the real rights of women. A woman should have the right to be in the home as a wife and mother.

- Phyllis Schlafly

My Life Spent

I've spent my life defending the Net, and I do feel that if we don't fight online crime, we are running a risk of losing it all.

- Mikko Hypponen

Reward Guilt

Defending the truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself.

- Simone de Beauvoir

Been Mostly

People are mostly focused on defending the computers on the Internet, and there's been surprisingly little attention to defending the Internet itself as a communications medium.

- W. Daniel Hillis