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Game Having

This is the ultimate con game - I'm having fun and people pay me to do it.

- Adam Osborne

Love Bono

Walking the floor at a con dressed as Chewbacca, you might as well be Bono. I mean it's ridiculous. People just walk up and grab you and hold you, because they love Chewbacca so much.

- Adam Savage

Year Last Year

I usually do one con a year as a GoH and try to make the World Fantasy Convention for business purposes. Last year I went to a worldcon for the first time in two decades. I may go again this year.

- Alan Dean Foster

About Another

That's the great thing about Comic Con - people are so accepting of one another.

- Alan Tudyk

In The Past Convention

If you've gone to a sci-fi convention, you've only seen half of it. 'Con Man' delivers what convention 'all-access' passes have only promised in the past.

- Alan Tudyk

I Think I Remember

And I think it's because good cons are all based on the victim's need, and the successful con artist is the one, I guess, who can exploit that. I remember reading something about this, that one of the great traits of confidence tricksters is the level that they flatter their victim.

- Alfred Molina

Leader Friday Night

There are pros and cons of experience. A con is that you can't look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and as objectively as if you were a new CEO. Fire yourself on a Friday night and come in on Monday morning as if a search firm put you there as a turn-around leader. Can you be objective and make the bold change?

- Andrea Jung

Some Napoleon

To some it is Napoleon, to some it is a philosophical struggle, to me it is allegro con brio.

- Arturo Toscanini


I'm all about 'molde de arroz con picadillo'.

- Christina Milian

Red Wine Plenty

I enjoyed retirement the right way... linguine con vongole, red wine and plenty of truffle cheese.

- Craig Kilborn

Father Wanderer

My father was a good man, but he was a con man. He was a wanderer, nomadic.

- Danny Aiello

Given Film Business

The blessing that this film business has given me is that when I walk into a school I automatically have everyone's attention. They want to hear what the guy from 'Con Air' and 'Desperado' has to say.

- Danny Trejo

Other Telling

One of the most interesting things about the cognitive theory is the idea that anger and interpersonal conflict ultimately result from a mental con. In other words, you're telling yourself things that aren't entirely true when you're fighting with someone.

- David D. Burns

Beauty Shop

We live in a quick-fix society where we need instant gratification for everything. Too fat? Get lipo-sucked. Stringy hair? Glue on extensions. Wrinkles and lines? Head to the beauty shop for a pot of the latest miracle skin stuff. It's all a beautiful £1 billion con foisted upon insecure women by canny cosmetic conglomerates.

- Joan Collins

Artist Perfectly

I'm a con artist in that I'm an actor. I make people believe something is real when they know perfectly well it isn't.

- John Lithgow

Big Very

Sound quality was supposed to be one of the big selling points for CDs but, as we know, it wasn't very good at all. It was just another con, a get-rich-quick scheme, a monumental hoax perpetrated on the music consuming public.

- John Mellencamp

Bad Terrifying

Have you ever seen Glenn Beck in operation? It is the most terrifying thing. It's so bad that you think he's going to announce in a minute that it's all a great con. He makes Sarah Palin look reasonable and steady.

- Bill Bryson

Attend Prose

I really don't have a lot in common with the people who attend the Comic Con. It's like assuming that all people who write prose are the same.

- Harvey Pekar

Myself Almost

At this point, I can almost never see myself saying no to a con or a 'Charmed' reunion, because it's so important to so many people I've already met personally.

- Holly Combs

Myself Almost

At this point, I can almost never see myself saying no to a con or a 'Charmed' reunion because it's so important to so many people I've already met personally.

- Holly Marie Combs

Became Impacted

It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. It became a lifestyle rather than a recreation. When you start lying and stealing, you cannot con yourself you're in control any more.

- Irvine Welsh

Men TV

You name the TV psychic - they're con men.

- Bruno Heller

Politics Slaves

It is important to recognize and politics positive thinking is often the slaves' virtue - something that people do to con themselves about the burden and change being placed upon them.

- James Bovard

Big Them

My children's favourite thing is to con me into buying them ice-cream if there's not too big a queue at our local gelataria, Messina.

- Catherine Martin

Maybe Movie

The con movie is a little bit different where maybe we tell you what we're going to do but it never goes down the way you expect because there's so much double-crossing and cheats and lies going on along the whole way.

- Edward Burns


Actors are con men and con men are actors.

- Edward Burns

I Can I Think

I don't eat Puerto Rican food in L.A. because it's just too much, too addicting, but I know how to cook, so I can easily make it. I just choose not to because you never stop! I think my favorite would be pollo guisado con arroz blanco y habichuelas. I love tostones, I love maduros! I can eat rice and beans all day long!

- Justina Machado

Like Pigeon

I like to make Arroz con Gandules, rice with pigeon peas. My husband loves it. It's a Puerto Rican dish my mother taught me.

- Essence Atkins

Doing Away

In the old days, a con man would be good looking, suave, well dressed, well spoken and presented themselves real well. Those days are gone because it's not necessary. The people committing these crimes are doing them from hundreds of miles away.

- Frank Abagnale

Want Why

You can sit in a room and create anything you want on a laptop. That's why the real con men are gone.

- Frank Abagnale

Right Direction Agent

If you look at any successful professional - a salesperson, a marketer, a real estate agent, a trader - they all have the same qualities as the con man. The only difference is that one side uses their talents in the right direction and the con man is taking the easy way out.

- Frank Abagnale

Sophisticated Very

I contend that there really are no more con men. There's no need for con men anymore. There's no need for the very sophisticated, suave guy, the well-dressed guy. Today, you steal with the computer from thousands of miles away - from China, from Libya, from Hong Kong. Your victim's never going to see you, so there's no need to be any of that.

- Frank Abagnale

Always Reports

At school I was always trying to con my teachers into letting me act out book reports instead of writing them.

- Laura Linney

Sometimes Buyers

Sometimes entire categories of craigslist are rendered nearly unusable by spam. Con artists prowl the listings, paying sellers with fake cashier's checks and luring buyers to share their credit card numbers.

- Gary Wolf

Bad Movie

'Con Air' was kind of a turning point for me, in my mind. I never shot anybody in that movie - I never did anything bad - because there were so many bad guys in that movie. I said, 'The hell with this, I'm just gonna be a lovable guy.' I'm like Steve McQueen in 'The Great Escape.'

- M. C. Gainey

Love Boo

They read their sports pages, know their statistics and either root like hell or boo our butts off. I love it. Give me vocal fans, pro or con, over the tourist types who show up in Houston or Montreal and just sit there.

- Mike Schmidt

Someone Comic

I'm not someone who's gone to Comic Con as a devotee.

- Greg Mottola

Love Making

You see people who are disenfranchised elsewhere coming to Comic Con and making lifetime friends. I love seeing the outcasts of society all bonding together.

- Scott Aukerman

Love Prepare

I love meat - I'm Cuban; I grew up eating meat, platanos, and arroz con pollo. I don't believe in starving yourself, but sometimes I do cleanses and diets to prepare for a role.

- Natalie Martinez

Love Prepare

I do eat what I want. I love meat - I'm Cuban: I grew up eating meat, platanos, and arroz con pollo. I don't believe in starving yourself, but sometimes I do cleanses and diets to prepare for a role. I choose a lot of greens, proteins, and fats, and I like to be really active.

- Natalie Martinez

Love Fell

When I was 23, I moved to Australia to be with this 43-year-old con artist I fell in love with.

- Natasha Leggero

Cut Tax Increase

A tax cut to compensate for a tax increase is not a cut - it's a con.

- Tony Abbott

Other Audience

I can go to a movie theater and watch a movie I was in with an audience... but with television, the opportunity to meet the fans at Comic Con or any other situation, it's a chance to enter that circle; it's that sharing.

- Mark Sheppard

Reason Ashamed

The reason con artists get away with what they get away with is, their victims are ashamed of their own blindness and their own gullibility, and they tend to just quietly go away.

- Walter Kirn

Think Icon

I don't think I'm a gay icon. I have no axe to grind. I mean, I'm clearly not homophobic! I'm not pro or con.

- Steve-O

Progress Opposite

If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con' what is the opposite of 'progress'?

- Will Harvey

Big Sold

It's a big con job. We have sold the myth of Dublin as a sexy place incredibly well; because it is a dreary little dump most of the time.

- Roddy Doyle

Progress Government

If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con' what is the opposite of 'progress'?

- Paul Harvey

Buy Mostly

I'm for conservation, but it's mostly a con. That's the trouble. It's sentimental. Buy an elephant a drink, a lion an acre.

- Peter Beard