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Play Batter

The pitcher setting up the batter. It's chess, and you play with it.

- Al Leiter

Game Set

Pitches are like pages of a book; they're so important. The chess game; how I set you up early, and how I'll do it differently later.

- Al Leiter

Teaches First Of All

Chess first of all teaches you to be objective.

- Alexander Alekhine

Beauty Satisfy

I believe that true beauty of chess is more than enough to satisfy all possible demands.

- Alexander Alekhine

Logic Only

Chess is not only knowledge and logic.

- Alexander Alekhine

Me Will

If people will be interested in me, they will be interested in chess also.

- Alexandra Kosteniuk

Life My Life

Chess is my life, but my life is not chess.

- Anatoly Karpov

Here Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful place. I like it more and more and plan to be here often. It's a great place for chess.

- Anatoly Karpov

School Kansas

In Kansas I have a chess school.

- Anatoly Karpov

Which Stepped

After that, Kasparov stepped back from chess which is, and I want this to be clear, not good for chess in general at all. As a whole, the current situation in the chess world leaves a lot to be desired.

- Anatoly Karpov

More USA

I am thinking about chess in schools in particular. In the USA more than 3200 children competed in an event.

- Anatoly Karpov

Act Alliance

No, no, it is obvious that the ECU should act as a close alliance for the benefit of chess.

- Anatoly Karpov

More Getting

Chess is changing. I hope chess is getting more popular, more spectacular.

- Alexandra Kosteniuk

Woman Imagine

A woman can beat any man; it's difficult to imagine another kind of sport where a woman can beat a man. That's why I like chess.

- Alexandra Kosteniuk

Always Level

I didn't know so well chess theory, the theory of chess openings. And so, of course I knew the theory, but not on the level of the best players, so this was my... this was always my weakness.

- Anatoly Karpov

My Life World

I was world champion. For me, chess is my life. It is everything.

- Anatoly Karpov

World Idea

My idea is to make moves to bring chess back to the world's map, to make it part of the world's geography again.

- Anatoly Karpov

Been Match

If, in our first match for the world champion's title, I had managed to make the score 6-0, there would have been no Kasparov as a good chess player at all.

- Anatoly Karpov

Town Spent

We lived in the provincial town of Ramat Gan where I spent most of my youth adjacent to the chess board.

- Arnon Goldfinger

Wins Forethought

In life, as in chess, forethought wins.

- Charles Buxton

Woman Getting

There is nothing that disgusts a man like getting beaten at chess by a woman.

- Charles Dudley Warner

Rude Whoever

Whoever called snooker 'chess with balls' was rude, but right.

- Clive James

Last Literally

I was the guy literally in the chess club who decided to wear a bow tie for the last two years of high school, so I obviously wasn't trying to get the ladies.

- Dallas Roberts

American Fischer

Fischer, the great American chess champion, famously said, 'Chess is life.' I would say, 'Pi is life.'

- Daniel Tammet

Father Teach

I was a terrible father. The most I ever did for my children was to teach them chess. At least they got that.

- David Bailey

Mind Rather

Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make.

- David Hockney

Game Like

Spying is a like a game of chess: Sometimes you have to withdraw, sometimes you have to sacrifice one of your pieces to win - preferably a knight rather than a king or queen.

- John Rhys-Davies

Doing Mostly

Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition. Mostly, I'm interested in doing real sports.

- John Skipper

Life Short

Life's to short for chess.

- Henry James Byron

Short Too

Life's too short for chess.

- Henry James Byron

Play Ever

All I want to do, ever, is play chess.

- Bobby Fischer

Genius Play

I consider myself to be a genius who happens to play chess.

- Bobby Fischer

Like Take

Chess and me, it's hard to take them apart. It's like my alter ego.

- Bobby Fischer

Game Treated

I felt that chess... is a science in the form of a game... I consider myself a scientist. I wanted to be treated like a scientist.

- Bobby Fischer


Chess is life.

- Bobby Fischer

Play Having

We've seen computers play chess and beat grand masters. We've seen computers drive a car across a desert. But interestingly, playing chess is easy, but having a conversation about nothing is really difficult for a computer.

- Hod Lipson

Some Compare

We can compare classical chess and rapid chess with theatre and cinema - some actors don't like the latter and prefer to work in the theatre.

- Boris Spassky

Country Like

In my country, at that time, being a champion of chess was like being a King. At that time I was a King - and when you are King you feel a lot of responsibility, but there is nobody there to help you.

- Boris Spassky

Very Site

I also follow chess on the Internet, where Kasparov's site is very interesting.

- Boris Spassky

Repay Very

I try to help developing junior chess. When I lived in USSR, I got a lot of free help from very good coaches - now I am trying to repay that debt.

- Boris Spassky

Important Obtain

Nowadays the dynamic element is more important in chess - players more often sacrifice material to obtain dynamic compensation.

- Boris Spassky

Initiative Though

Nowadays there is more dynamism in chess, modern players like to take the initiative. Usually they are poor defenders though.

- Boris Spassky

World See

I'm like Bush, I see the world more like checkers than chess.

- Dennis Miller

Game Outing

Each outing is its own game. You roll on your game plan. It is a different chess match each time you go out there. I just try to be prepared.

- Jason Hammel

Other Telling

Seem to be telling this, but really telling that. Three-dimensional writing, like three-dimensional chess. Nabokov was the other master of that. You could learn something from Nabokov on every page he ever wrote.

- Donald E. Westlake

London Audience

When I saw 'Chess' in London, I thought it was horrible. It was so static. People were coming down front and just facing the audience, singing.

- Donna McKechnie

Game Partly

You all know that each title in the Chronicles has a chess theme; that's partly because of the overall design of the Chronicles themselves - the game of chess as an analogue of the game of life.

- Dorothy Dunnett

Hockey More

For me, baseball is more comparable to chess than it is to hockey.

- Jeff Garlin

Brilliant Began

It was not until I got my first job, at the University of Washington in Seattle, and began playing chess with Don Gordon, a brilliant young theorist, that I learned economic theory.

- Douglass North

Interesting Mental

The most interesting thing to me in chess are not the gambits. Or the moves. It's the mental toughness.

- Edward Zwick

Computers Computer

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

- Emo Philips

High Freshman

My freshman year of high school I joined the chess and math clubs.

- Eric Allin Cornell

Teach Read

Between rounds of speed chess I read enough of a programming manual to teach myself to write programs on the school's DEC mainframe in the language Basic.

- Eric Allin Cornell

Like Ensemble

Ensemble is hard to do. It's like 3-D chess.

- Eric Bogosian

Game Practical

Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.

- Felix Frankfurter

Young Checkers

These young guys are playing checkers. I'm out there playing chess.

- Kobe Bryant

Love Game

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku... I'm good at all those things. It's not daily, but I'll do stuff on the airplane. I love playing chess. It's my favorite game.

- Larry Fitzgerald

Game Think

Chess is a lot of fun for me. Football is a physical game, and in chess you can just beat someone mentally - you outwit somebody, outmaneuver them, think ahead of them.

- Larry Fitzgerald

Choose In My Opinion

Far be it from me to force anyone into either chess or dressage, but if you choose to do so yourself, in my opinion there is only one way: follow the rules.

- Lars von Trier

Rules Play

Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.

- Garry Kasparov

My Life Imagine

It's quite difficult for me to imagine my life without chess.

- Garry Kasparov

Mental Torture

Chess is mental torture.

- Garry Kasparov

Nature Players

Women, by their nature, are not exceptional chess players: they are not great fighters.

- Garry Kasparov

Country Learned

I learned that fighting on the chess board could also have an impact on the political climate in the country.

- Garry Kasparov

Play Other

In chess, we have styles - like in any other field. There are also fashions in the kinds of systems that people play. So I'm trying to know my opponent as much as possible.

- Garry Kasparov

Natural Extremely

Chess was natural for me; I was extremely successful.

- Garry Kasparov

New Like

In boxing you create a strategy to beat each new opponent, it's just like chess.

- Lennox Lewis

Me Know

If the media didn't know I played chess, there'd be no angle on me at all.

- Lennox Lewis

Refine Taping

What do I do when we're not taping? Sit in a dark room and refine my plans for someday ruling Earth from a blimp. And chess.

- Ryan Stiles

Doing Career

Right now I'm really happy with how things are going with my chess career, so I'm not thinking of doing anything else.

- Magnus Carlsen

Game About

Once you're a chess player, you spend a lot of time thinking about the game and you can't get it completely out of your head.

- Magnus Carlsen

Satisfied Maybe

Maybe if I didn't have the talent in chess I'd find the talent in something else. The only thing I know is that I have talent in chess, and I'm satisfied with that.

- Magnus Carlsen

Give Hours

I spend hours playing chess because I find it so much fun. The day it stops being fun is the day I give up.

- Magnus Carlsen

Small Appeals

Chess only appeals to quite a small minority. It does not have the cachet of a mainstream popular sport.

- Magnus Carlsen

Very Though

It's easy for me to get along with chess players. Even though we are all very different, we have chess in common.

- Magnus Carlsen

Move Other

Football is a bit like chess: it's not just the piece being moved that matters; it's also the effect that move has on all the other pieces.

- Mal Peet

Think Going

Anti-submarine warfare is the military version of chess. You must work out what the enemy is going to do before they even think of it.

- Sarah West

Game Static

A game of chess is a visual and plastic thing, and if it isn't geometric in the static sense of the word, it is mechanical, since it moves. It's a drawing; it's a mechanical reality.

- Marcel Duchamp

Waste Elaborate

Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency.

- Raymond Chandler

Package Set

If I'm home with no chore at hand, and a package of books has come, the television set and the chess board and the unanswered mail will have to manage without me if one of the books is a detective story.

- Rex Stout

Head Use

People are governed with the head; kindness of heart is little use in chess.

- Nicolas Chamfort

Hockey Sure

Drama is played at the pace of chess... or billiards... or poker. Engrossing? Sure. But comedy is played at the jubilant, high-octane speed of sports like basketball or hockey.

- Mark Waters

Prepared Ruthless

Chess is ruthless: you've got to be prepared to kill people.

- Nigel Short

End Passed

Leonard Chess passed, and that was the end of the Chess label for that time.

- Solomon Burke

Team Vice

I was involved in a bunch of school activities - I was a cheerleader, I was on the chess team, I was vice president of my class.

- Olivia Holt

Move Which

Many leaders are tempted to lead like a chess master, striving to control every move, when they should be leading like gardeners, creating and maintaining a viable ecosystem in which the organization operates.

- Stanley A. McChrystal

Think Modern

Every time I win a tournament I have to think that there is something wrong with modern chess.

- Viktor Korchnoi

Think Other

Among a great many other things that chess teaches you is to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good. It trains you to think before grabbing and to think just as objectively when you're in trouble.

- Stanley Kubrick

Challenges Attend

I attend to my fitness. I go the gym every day and try to maintain my physical fitness; without that, it is tough to take challenges on the chess board.

- Viswanathan Anand

Memory Players

Chess as a sport requires a lot of mental stamina, and this is what that makes it different from a physical sport. Chess players have a unique ability of taking in a lot of information and remembering relevant bits. So, memory and mental stamina are the key attributes.

- Viswanathan Anand

Sometimes Very

In chess, knowledge is a very transient thing. It changes so fast that even a single mouse-slip sometimes changes the evaluation.

- Viswanathan Anand

News Before

Before a match, I do not follow any chess news except the games.

- Viswanathan Anand

Artist Natural

For us chess players the language of artist is something natural.

- Vladimir Kramnik

Art Which

For me art and chess are closely related, both are forms in which the self finds beauty and expression.

- Vladimir Kramnik

Always Plays

I am convinced, the way one plays chess always reflects the player's personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing.

- Vladimir Kramnik

Which Contradict

I believe every chess player senses beauty, when he succeeds in creating situations, which contradict the expectations and the rules, and he succeeds in mastering this situation.

- Vladimir Kramnik

Game Check

Chess is a thinking person's game. But you don't have to be smart to know what's funny! Lots of check, mate!

- Steve Breen

Achievement Game

Chess is a sport. The main object in the game of chess remains the achievement of victory.

- Max Euwe

Very Took

I took high school very casually. There was Teen Town, chess, tennis, boxing, running. Lots of things going on.

- Robert Mundell

Play Like

The ability to get ahead in an organization is simply another talent, like the ability to play chess, paint pictures, do coronary bypass operations or pick pockets.

- Robert Shea