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Down New

I worked with the Neville Brothers for 40-some years on the highway, and up and down since I can remember - funk from New Orleans.

- Aaron Neville

Like Should

Muslims should live like brothers.

- Abu Bakr

Away Your

Once you lose your parents, you get this numbness, this feeling of having to really be able to connect yourself with someone. I depended on my brothers for that connection, but to have that feeling of being taken care of... I lost it when my parents passed away.

- Adam Beach

Been Movie

'Step Brothers 2' would have been fun, there's no doubt about it. Maybe someday. Does that idea age? I don't know. It all depends on how the movie ages.

- Adam McKay

Captain America

The Russo brothers are the best people ever, and they cast me in 'Happy Endings.' I did text Joe Russo to say, 'I don't think my character dies, so if you need a local news cameraman to show up in 'Captain America 2'... I know it doesn't make sense, but just hear me out on this!' He was really cool about it and turned me down right away.

- Adam Pally

Great Time Your

SNL is a home. You've got all of your brothers and sisters there, and it's a great time.

- Adam Sandler

Career Idea

'Step Brothers' itself, when I did it, I don't know if I had any idea that it would become a defining moment in my career and life like it has, and I'm really happy that that's the one that ended up being that for me.

- Adam Scott

Get Recognized

It's really fun to get recognized for 'Step Brothers.'

- Adam Scott

DJ Founders

I am one of the founders of Hip-Hop along with my brothers Kool DJ Herc and Grandmaster Flash.

- Afrika Bambaataa

Get Together Some

I had five brothers and sisters. Four of them older, and some of them played instruments, and we would get together and have family recitals and raise money for the church. I belonged to a wonderful church community that encouraged me to sing.

- Al Jarreau

Father Thought

My father was the youngest of six brothers, and he was the brains. I never thought he was making what he should have. He had to split it with five brothers. So I made up my mind: I was going to go on my own and make my own money.

- Alan C. Greenberg

Race Everyone

My brothers and I were raised by our parents to respect everyone regardless of background or race.

- Alan Wilson

Very Grew

I grew up in a very masculine environment. So I was around a lot of men, my brothers and their friends. There was just a lot of guys around.

- Alanis Morissette

Kid Show

When I was a little kid, my parents would show me Marx Brothers' films and westerns and stuff like that. That's where all my desire to be an actor comes from and probably most of my understanding of acting comes from for sure.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Love Woman

I grew up with brothers. I love men. Of course it's hard to be a woman in a man's world.

- Allison Janney

Business Side

I really respect the Coen brothers as directors and as creative individuals and with the way that they handle the industry and the business side of things.

- Allison Tolman

Honor Other

We're reclaiming America and restoring honor. I believe we do that with faith, with hope, with charity, and honoring our brothers and our sisters as we honor each other.

- Alveda King

Grandparents Year

Christmas was the one time of year when my brothers surfaced at home, when my parents and grandparents congregated to eat my mother's roast turkey.

- Amanda Lindhout

Air Concerned

Among all the marvels of modern invention, that with which I am most concerned is, of course, air transportation. Flying is perhaps the most dramatic of recent scientific attainment. In the brief span of thirty-odd years, the world has seen an inventor's dream first materialized by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk become an everyday actuality.

- Amelia Earhart

Love Cursed

Cursed be he above all others Who's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter.

- Anacreon

Festivals Marx

My parents used to do these little film festivals in our house where we'd watch all the Marx Brothers movies, or Chaplin movies, and a lot of westerns.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Sports Lot

My brothers were funny, and there was a lot of shtick and comedy and nastiness and violence and fighting and sports.

- Alec Baldwin

Sisters Am

I've eight brothers and sisters - five girls, four boys. I am the seventh.

- Alek Wek

Children Like

I have eight brothers and sisters, so I'd like to have a few children.

- Alek Wek

Stupid Like

Dire Straits is a great band. Someone tells you they like 'Brothers in Arms' and immediately you know they're a stupid annoying git.

- Alexei Sayle

Against Torture

War is organized murder and torture against our brothers.

- Alfred Adler

Solid Developing

Our relations with brothers in Gulf Cooperation council are good and developing, either bilateral relations or with the G.C.C itself, also we have good brotherly and solid ties with Saudi Arabia.

- Ali Abdullah Saleh

Had Sentences

I was the youngest; I had two imperious older brothers - I didn't get to often complete sentences at the dinner table. So writing was a way of saying what nobody asked me to say.

- Alice McDermott

Away Part

I've come to realize how much it really was a part of my upbringing, the Georgia part. We were away from town. It was just dirt and trees and spouses. And a lot of kids - my cousins, who were all like brothers and sisters to me - just a lot of kids at one time.

- Alice Smith

I Think Gotten

Well, I think it's because I'm an only daughter. I have four brothers, a bunch of guy cousins, and so it's like I was raised amongst men. So I've always gotten along really well with men.

- Alicia Machado

Peers Happiest

Whether it's performing a concert with my quartet or sitting in with my peers, enjoying musical conversations at home with my brothers or hanging and playing choro with my friends - sharing moments in that bright space of music are the happiest times.

- Anat Cohen

Older Brother

I have two brothers that are musicians. My older brother, Yuval, is a saxophone player. My younger brother, Avishai, is a trumpet player.

- Anat Cohen

Always Belt

Being a black belt from the Nogueira brothers, I have the obligation to always defend myself well on the ground.

- Anderson Silva

Takeover Which

There's something called, 'resolution authority,' which gives the government the power to takeover a failing bank - something they didn't have pre-Lehman Brothers.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

Insurance Arizona

In September 2008 - as Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and AIG, the world's biggest insurance company, accepted a federal bailout - Senator John McCain of Arizona, in what was widely viewed as a political move, suspended his presidential campaign and called on Obama to rush back to Washington for a bipartisan meeting at the White House.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

Gun Back

I can completely take a second World War gun apart and put it back together again thanks to 'Band Of Brothers.' That's always useful. I've got lots and lots of random skills I'll probably never need again.

- Andrew-Lee Potts

Change Years

Even my older brothers' early success 10 years ago didn't change me since there was such an age difference.

- Andy Gibb

Notes Seven

With seven boys and one sister, there was always a lot of music in the house. A few of my brothers were playing instruments, so it was from hearing that, coupled with discovering early rock, which triggered me to pick up a guitar and try to pick out the notes.

- Angus Young

Took Fantasies

Growing up, I loved drama and fantasies. I hated the Marx Brothers. I took all that confusion seriously.

- Anne Meara

Brought Became

I have three brothers and one sister, and I'm the third child. Sometimes people say, 'It's only natural you would become a writer - your parents were English professors.' But my four siblings were brought up in the exact same household, and no one else became a writer or an English professor.

- Antonya Nelson

Been Able

I wouldn't be able to do the things I do if I hadn't been around and seen the stuff my brothers did.

- Apollo Robbins

Small Floats

To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue in that eternal silence where it floats, is to see riders on the earth together, brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold - brothers who know now they are truly brothers.

- Archibald MacLeish

Waiting Half

I went out for a film where they wanted seven brothers and one sister, so I was there for half a day while they were waiting for 'Archie' to read for a boy... I've had drivers come to pick me up in England looking for a blond, blue-eyed Scottish boy.

- Archie Panjabi

I Think Tell

If I have to advise our brothers in France, I'll tell them one thing - move to Israel, as early as possible. I say that to Jews all around the world, but there I think it's a must and they have to move immediately.

- Ariel Sharon

Very Concerned

Probably my two biggest musical influences were the Everly Brothers and the Beatles, in chronological order. Both of them have had a very simple-sounding musical style that's actually quite complex as far as popular songs are concerned.

- Arlo Guthrie

Year Very

One of my most memorable Thanksgiving memories was probably the first year that me and my two brothers decided to start our annual eating contest. We ate throughout the whole day. We started that morning and weighed ourselves, and at the very end of the night, we weighed ourselves out. And all three of us equally gained five pounds.

- Charles Kelley

Country Big

My parents were on the Grand Ole Opry. They traveled all over the country singing hillbilly music. That's what they called it back then. They were friends with Roy Acuff and the Delmore Brothers and the Carter Family. And all of my brothers and sisters who were older than me started on the show, after they were big enough to hold a guitar and sing.

- Charlie Haden

Year Saturday

Who made me laugh when I was growing was Chaplin and the Marx Brothers, and then moving on, there were so many that I was a writer for for many years: I was a writer for the Smothers Brothers, Lily Tomlin, then I started on 'Saturday Night Live' as the head writer the first year we started it.

- Chevy Chase

Men Were

All men were made by the Great Spirit Chief. They are all brothers.

- Chief Joseph

Comic Books

I grew up with six brothers, and I'm from Chicago, so princesses and Barbie dolls were not around the house. It was more like sports and comic books, so getting to work for Marvel is like my version of being able to be a princess.

- Chloe Bennet

Homework Six

I have six brothers, so I definitely was aware of Marvel more than I was of princesses, but once you're cast in a Joss Whedon Marvel show, you go and become even more of a bigger fan. You do your homework.

- Chloe Bennet

Been Having

Having three brothers in the league has been real fun for the whole family, and we're just trying to keep it going.

- Chris Gronkowski

Father Been

In the 1960s, my father chose to introduce Italian-style clothing into a world that was filled with boxy Brooks Brothers suits. So if you were dressing in his clothes in New York or California, you were breaking a rule. And my mother, Risha, who is still living, has always been an activist. I don't think my mom has met a cause she doesn't like.

- Chris Meledandri

Show Bit

I have three brothers and a sister. One older and three younger. My oldest brother Danny plays Hyde on 'That '70s Show,' and my younger brother Jordan and my sister Allanah act as well, so we're a bit of an acting family.

- Christopher Masterson

Alive Singer

Even when she was alive, Esther Kreitman's novels, short stories and translations received far less attention than the work of her famous brothers, I. J. and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

- Clive Sinclair

Beginning Chapter

When I published my first novel, 'Slammed,' I included lyrics at the beginning of each chapter from one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers. The overwhelmingly positive response from readers to those lyrics really surprised me.

- Colleen Hoover

Quick Other

My brothers and sister and me grew up making fun of each other, the way we'd speak or move. When we get together, everyone's funny, quick, loud, and speaks on top of each other. It was like a great comedy school; nothing is precious.

- Colman Domingo

Small Very

Two brothers and a sister, my niece, my nephew... we're a very small group. We're very close, very tight-knit. We spend every holiday weekend together.

- Cristela Alonzo

Think Top

But my kids, my brothers' kids - they think about trying to top what we did.

- Damon Wayans

Chords Got

I started playing bluegrass with my family, so there were the G, C and D chords. I was playing a Martin acoustic because that's what Carter Stanley of the Stanley Brothers played. Then I got into the really raw blues of Hound Dog Taylor and started on electric guitar.

- Dan Auerbach

Finger Meant

I never had little brothers, so I was totally not used to hearing a lot of cussing at a young age! I learned what 'pull my finger' meant the hard way.

- Danica McKellar

Very Iranian

The Iranian government still denies the Holocaust - so you can't take them seriously. And the Israeli government spreads rumours and disinformation about Iran - because it needs to for the creation of panic. I find these theological states - and in this respect, Israel and Iran are twin brothers - very, very dangerous.

- Daniel Barenboim

Younger Very

I have two younger brothers, and we're very close in age.

- Daniel Rigby

TV Francisco

When I was a kid, I loved watching kung fu movies - in San Francisco, we had 'Kung Fu Theater' on TV on Saturdays, and they'd air old Shaw Brothers movies with English dubbing, things like that.

- Daniel Wu

Some Entire

I'm blessed to come from a family with five brothers. We're all physical and athletic and like to work out, like to be outside, like to throw the ball around. We spent our entire childhoods on some kind of corner or in a field. We still do a Turkey Bowl every Thanksgiving. It gets competitive, man. Bloody.

- Danny Pino

I Think Half

I spent three and a half years writing the novel 'Chang & Eng,' about the conjoined brothers for whom the term 'Siamese twins' was contrived, and when I think of these afflicted people, my only emotion is one of profound sympathy.

- Darin Strauss

Reason Cancelled

David Steinberg was the reason the Smothers Brothers got cancelled.

- Dave Foley

Southern Very

Oh, yeah. I grew up in Southern California in the 1960's. It was very different. I was an only child as opposed to having siblings. My brothers all lived with my step-mom. I am very close to them, but we were not raised in the same house.

- David Cassidy

Music Songs

You know, all my songs are relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins.

- David Coverdale

Six Projects

Until I was six years old we lived in the projects, then my two brothers and three sisters and I moved to a three-bed that my mother's father built.

- David Johansen

Financial Resolve

The assumption that Washington could and would resolve Lehman Brothers without a bankruptcy, as it had Bear Stearns, was the single biggest mistake in the series of mistakes in 2007 and 2008 that led to the financial panic and the ensuing epidemic of job losses.

- David Malpass

I Think TV

I think we grew up thinking that the funniest things on TV were the old, serious movies. I always liked the Marx Brothers, but the thing that always made us laugh were movies like Zero Hour. That's what inspired us.

- David Zucker

Mirror Rather

For me, stories were brothers, sisters and friends, filling the long hours between childhood and adolescence, holding up a true mirror in which I might find out who I was rather than a distorted reflection of who I was expected to become.

- Debi Gliori

Compare About

I interviewed more than 100 women about their sisters, but if they also had brothers, I asked them to compare. Most said they talked to their sisters more often, at greater length and, yes, about more personal topics. This often meant that they felt closer to their sisters, but not always.

- Deborah Tannen

About Point

It's an interesting point about sisters not getting the same attention as parents and children, and even brothers. I suspect it's just because women didn't count that much and weren't the ones writing the accounts.

- Deborah Tannen

Father Some

My father came by himself across the North Korean border when he was seventeen. And hasn't seen his brothers or sisters or parents since then. And he died some time ago, but never saw any of his relatives. My mother was a refugee in war-torn Korea.

- Jim Yong Kim

I Think Other

My great-grandfather and his two brothers fought at Gettysburg. They were in artillery, and they survived the war, thank goodness. So I revere what they did. I think their motivations were honorable when they undertook the war and participated in it along with other Southerners.

- Jimmy Carter

Bother Which

School was great. There were no boys there, which didn't really bother me at the time because I had two brothers, so I was quite pleased not to spend any more time with boys.

- Jo Brand

I Think Prefer

I guess I much prefer the path of the contrarian: the guy who goes against the grain a bit. The careers of the people who I admire deeply - like the Coen brothers and Soderbergh - don't repeat themselves, and they make radically different films at times, and I think that's wonderful.

- Joe Carnahan

Arizona Raising

To me, the bones of 'Smokin' Aces' is in the Coen brothers. 'Barton Fink' and 'Raising Arizona.' Those two movies, if you look at them, that's where a lot of that comes from.

- Joe Carnahan

I Think

I am extremely respectful of the Jewish community. You know, I am Christian. I think of Jews as my older brothers. I mean, there wouldn't be Christianity without the Jewish religion. There is a direct connection between the two of them.

- Joe Lhota

My Life Lay

Would I lay down my life to save my brother? No, but I would to save two brothers or eight cousins.

- John B. S. Haldane

Will Go

We and our fellow men of all countries must realize that we share this wonderful, beautiful, salubrious earth as brothers and that there never will be anywhere else to go.

- John Eccles

Still Period

I'm a former hippie, so clothes are important to me - your clothes defined you in that period. I guess clothes still defines people. But, I change a lot. I'm in my Brooks Brothers period now.

- John Hughes

Before Hollywood

My parents and my brothers and their wives are incredible and formed me as a person long before I got to Hollywood.

- John Krasinski

Dancers Musical

After 'The Blues Brothers,' I wanted to do a good musical number with real dancers and shoot it correctly.

- John Landis

Forward Continue

We must continue to go forward as one people, as brothers and sisters.

- John Lewis

Very Use

When you grew up like me and my four brothers, you end up feeling somewhat inadequate, like somehow you don't count. I was very ill as a child and in and out of hospital. That sort of alienates you, and in my songs I put that to good use.

- John Lydon

Own Marriages

I took the fear of marriage from my parents' relationship, because I didn't want to end up in a relationship like that, whereas my brothers and sisters learnt a lesson from it and made sure they didn't carry it on into their own marriages.

- John Mahoney

Citizen Unlikely

'Unlikely Brothers' talks about the importance of citizen action and shows why and how we can make a difference.

- John Prendergast

Best Before

When I left my job at Lehman Brothers to start a company, my best friend's mother said, 'How could you leave a sure thing like Lehman to do a silly carpool startup?' That was three months before Lehman went bankrupt.

- John Zimmer

Kid Slides

I was an amusement and water park fiend as a kid growing up. I loved them. My brothers and I would go whenever we could. We liked all the super steep/fast slides and flumes where you would get completely soaked. Our absolute favorite was the tubes, though.

- Johnny Iuzzini

Other Francisco

I have no memories of my childhood in Texas. When I was about four, we moved to San Francisco. I was in the middle of seven brothers and sisters: three girls and four boys. Most of my older brothers and sisters got the blame for everything, and the little ones had a free ride. We loved each other but fought like cats and dogs.

- Johnny Mathis

Like Very

I considered myself one of the boys. My brothers didn't spoil me at all, not at all. I was very tomboyish. It wasn't as if I was like a princess or anything like that.

- Joie Lee

Ultimate Fought

What was accomplished in 'Band of Brothers' was incredible, from the writing and producing to the performances of the actors who honored all those men that fought bravely and gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

- Jon Seda

Nature Very

I have two older brothers, and they were a huge part of life; we were very close. We used to run around and get into trouble. That's what I came from - that exploring nature.

- Jonny Weston

Two I Think

It's so funny; I grew up in the Midwest, I have two older brothers, and you're just as competitive playing football as you are eating pickled eggs, or trying to kill zombies. As long as you don't take it too far, I think it's a good way for people to relate.

- Jose Pablo Cantillo

Reach Lord

The Lord has promised great rewards for those who reach out to strengthen their brothers and sisters.

- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Will Christ

God helping me, I will help my brothers and sisters in Christ, because they are my brothers and sisters.

- Joseph Barber Lightfoot

Treat Preaching

Americans, the eyes of the world are upon you. How can you expect the world to believe in you and respect your preaching of democracy when you yourself treat your colored brothers as you do?

- Josephine Baker