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Your Entire

When it's wet, you're much more tense on the steering wheel, you have to dance with the throttle and the brakes more. Each lap is a different scenario, so you're really on the edge of your nerves. One mistake could cost you the entire race.

- Allan McNish

Vertically Nearly

People ask how hard it can be sitting down for work during a 500-mile race? Well, without power steering or power brakes, holding onto 650 horses in a car that has nearly 3,000 pounds of downforce and can produce up to 4Gs vertically and laterally can be extremely tough - even sitting down.

- Charlie Kimball

Career Gotten

The only time it got really crazy was during 'Batman.' Anywhere I went in the world, people knew who I was. I was being offered these huge films that would have taken my career to a different level, and I decided to put on the brakes. I knew if I continued on that track, I probably wouldn't have gotten married.

- Chris O'Donnell

Back Sets

The one who turns his back on the world and its comforts and, sets out on the path that leads to the Beloved has to face countless difficulties. But he brakes them all for the sake of the Beloved.

- Dada Vaswani

Adventure Wheels

People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes on the wheels of progress.

- Dale Turner

Some Maybe

I always worked pretty steadily. But maybe out of some kind of fear, I put the brakes on letting myself be as successful as I'd like to be. More and more, I've taken the brakes off and let whatever happens happen.

- Josh Pais

Need Efficient

In order to spur economic growth we need to put the brakes on out of control spending, lower Ohioans tax burden and create a most efficient and effective government.

- Kenneth Blackwell

Step Hands

When you step on the brakes your life is in your foot's hands.

- George Carlin

Bad Nothing

The good and bad thing about online trolling: it's not on the street, and it's not on the street! The good: nothing physical erupts; the bad: there are no brakes to stop it.

- Greg Gutfeld