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College Left

All of my peers were becoming bajillionaires. There was no one from college left in the temp force.

- Jennifer Konner

Bad Players

The World Series of Poker was becoming popular, and there were a lot of really bad poker players out there. The misperception was that I was really good, but I just ground it out. It was a good way to make money for Box.

- Dylan Smith

My Life I Think

I've always had a huge fear of dying or becoming ill. The thing I'm most afraid of, though, is being alone, which I think a lot of performers fear. It's why we seek the limelight - so we're not alone, were adored. We're loved, so people want to be around us. The fear of being alone drives my life.

- Jennifer Lopez

Love Voice

I love any kind of acting, so if I could focus on becoming the best actor I can strictly on my voice, I would love that.

- Jennifer Stone

Been Proceed

There is nothing settled about a poet's identity. The becoming doesn't stop because the being has been achieved. They proceed together, attached in ways that are hard to be exact about.

- Eavan Boland

Pursuing About

My job isn't about pursuing fame and then becoming an actor. It's about becoming an actor, and if fame follows suit, that's fine.

- Ed Speleers

Week I Think

I think people respond to truth. 'Straight Outta Compton' made $60 million over the weekend, right? That's not just a black audience. 'Empire' grew every single week. That's not just a black audience. Black culture is American culture, you know what I mean? They're becoming more and more one in the same.

- Jerrod Carmichael

Government Last

The government is becoming the family of last resort.

- Jerry Brown

Thought Before

I was 35 years old and in a position to take a shot at whatever I wanted to try. The Air Force said I was too old to fly fighter jets. I thought about becoming a fishing boat captain, before deciding that acting seemed pretty cool.

- Jerry Doyle

Records Available

The alternate media are becoming important and viable alternatives to playing live. Records, videos, that kind of thing. They're going to start to count for something. Because there's only a limited amount of us-time available to us.

- Jerry Garcia

Every Day About

With about a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news every day, and with the stories becoming more horrific, the level of sadness becomes unbearable. And what becomes of our planet when that sadness becomes apathy? Because we feel helpless. And we turn our heads and turn the page.

- Eddie Vedder

Rock Star Famous

I really had little interest in becoming famous. When I write my book, it will be my guide to avoid becoming a rock star.

- Edgar Winter

More Made

Becoming a mom made me more contentious about expressing my true taste.

- Edie Brickell

I Remember Sure

As I go to sleep I remember what my father said-that one can never be sure if one will awake. The way my health is now, this is becoming more and more real.

- Jerzy Kosinski

Streets Angeles

From the streets of Los Angeles to the public schools of the Bronx, there is no state of the Union where Latinos are not becoming local leaders and responsible politicians.

- Eduardo Bhatia

Mental Which

The world is becoming an immense military base, and that base is becoming a mental hospital the size of the world. Inside the nuthouse, which ones are crazy?

- Eduardo Galeano

Career Rather

Naturally, it was easier for me to envision becoming a novelist than it is for most people. I had two great in-house teachers; I had parents who considered a career in the arts a real possibility rather than a dreamy arrow shot into the sky.

- Jesse Kellerman

Mother Tougher

Becoming a mother has helped make me a tougher, stronger writer.

- Jessica Hagedorn

Enjoy Partly

In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.

- Edward Hoagland

Trust Still

I shall endeavour still further to prosecute this inquiry, an inquiry I trust not merely speculative, but of sufficient moment to inspire the pleasing hope of its becoming essentially beneficial to mankind.

- Edward Jenner

Purpose More

The main purpose of science is simplicity and as we understand more things, everything is becoming simpler.

- Edward Teller

More Through

I'm becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that's what grace is. The refinement of your soul through time.

- Jewel

Country Fast

Nicaragua is fast becoming a terrorist country club.

- Edwin Meese

World Athlete

Both parents supported my becoming a world class athlete.

- Edwin Moses

Arrival Passage

As many as two out of every three Europeans who came to the colonies were debtors on arrival: they paid for their passage by becoming indentured servants.

- Jill Lepore

Congress Deal

In coming to the Congress as a new Member and becoming a fellow Blue Dog, we have had an opportunity to share and really spend a great deal of time in examining the challenges that our Nation finds itself in in getting its fiscal house in order.

- Jim Costa

Very Brought

My mom is an entertainment attorney, and she brought me to a BMI panel for people who were interested in becoming artists. While I was there, her friends kept peer pressuring me to go and sing in front of everyone because I was a very, very shy girl.

- Justine Skye

Lucky Caught

My attention is constantly being caught! I'm constantly learning, constantly becoming fascinated by new things - I'm lucky that I read incredibly quickly and absorb a lot of information easily, because otherwise I don't think I'd ever get my head out of a book!

- Elise Andrew

Note Helluva

I don't think people really understood what I did. And you know, in my book, 'A Helluva High Note' deals with my back story, that I was a songwriter, that I spent years trying to hone my craft and being rejected and then finally becoming a successful songwriter, record executive and publisher.

- Kara DioGuardi

Audience Like

With giant sites like Facebook and MySpace becoming as generic as Yahoo and AOL of old, more and more sites will be looking for an edge by drilling down deeply to serve a highly targeted audience.

- Kara Swisher

Soul Idea

Sugar crystallizes something in our American soul. It is emblematic of all industrial processes. And of the idea of becoming white. White being equated with pure and 'true': it takes a lot of energy to turn brown things into white things. A lot of pressure.

- Kara Walker

Artist Through

Write a story a great writer would write. Because part of becoming an artist is pushing through all the disbelief of those around you, deciding that you are a writer when you have no idea what a plot is or whether what you've written is any good, or anything.

- Karen Bender

Baltimore Author

While growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, I dreamed of becoming many things: an archaeologist, an ambassador, an actor, an author.

- Karen Hesse

New Neighborhoods

What's changed in New York, and what made us really change our thinking about New York, is that the different neighborhoods are becoming more important as shopping destinations than they used to be.

- Karen Katz

I Think Comics

I do still read comics since I started writing for DC, but nowhere near as much as I used to, and I'm finding now that it's becoming harder to read comics as a consumer, so I think I'll have to make the call there and stop reading them.

- Karen Traviss

World Russian

The Russian revolution was to an unprecedented degree the cause of the proletariat of the whole world becoming more revolutionary.

- Karl Liebknecht

Product Deal

A girl who is interested in becoming a model must first accept the fact that she is the product. She must be ready to deal with a lot of rejection.

- Karolina Kurkova

Think Level

When you reach a certain level, you live in a bubble when all you think, dream and breathe is becoming the best athlete in the world.

- Katarina Witt

Origin Asian

Geologists are rapidly becoming convinced that the mammals spread from their central Asian point of origin largely because of great variations in climate.

- Ellsworth Huntington

Going South

It's becoming plainer and plainer that what is going on in South America and in South-Eastern Asia is directly related to the war in Russia, for they are all parts of one single Great World War.

- Elmer Davis

My Life Like

In retrospect, it seems like everything in my life led to me becoming a writer. I just didn't realise it at the time.

- Kate Morton

Thought Civil

I had thought about becoming a civil rights lawyer, but I gave it up.

- Kate Thompson

Beginning Origin

In the Christian world... it is believed that angels were created at the beginning, and that heaven was formed of them; and that the Devil or Satan was an angel of light, who, becoming rebellions, was cast down with his crew, and that this was the origin of hell.

- Emanuel Swedenborg

Other One Night

Becoming a monster sometimes isn't a choice that you have. We're all that; we're all 'the other' in one way or another.

- Emil Ferris

Famous Like

The hardest thing about becoming famous is trying not to lose yourself. The thing I like best about it is the recognition of my work.

- Katharine Ross

Turned Good Way

Becoming a mother has turned my world upside down, but in a really good way - it's the best.

- Katherine Kelly

I Am Want

I want, by understanding myself, to understand others. I want to be all that I am capable of becoming.

- Katherine Mansfield

I Am Want

I want to be all that I am capable of becoming.

- Katherine Mansfield

Whatsoever Stigma

I felt no stigma whatsoever in becoming the third Mrs. Gifford.

- Kathie Lee Gifford

Result Been

My heart has been resuscitated as a result of becoming a mom.

- Emm Gryner

Career Both Sides

There's a dance happening on both sides of the table. Individuals are giving their personal and career values a lot more weight when it comes to finding a company that aligns with both. At the same time, companies are becoming a lot more transparent about their core values as an organization and the types of people they want to attract.

- Kathryn Minshew

Same Thing Ya

It's funny, we started writing chick-lit when it was just becoming a crowded marketplace, and now the same thing is happening with YA. It really used to just be one shelf at the library - Nancy Drew and Judy Blume.

- Emma McLaughlin

Fact Part

The fact is I don't drive just to get from A to B. I enjoy feeling the car's reactions, becoming part of it.

- Enzo Ferrari


Fundamentalists believe Jesus was God becoming man. I believe that Jesus was man becoming God.

- Eric Butterworth

Woman Human Being

I don't know if there's any change more significant that a human being can make than that of a woman becoming a mother. There's no change more dramatic.

- Eric Dane

Young Boom

People were more interested in the phenomena than the art itself. This, combined with the growing interest in collecting art as an investment and the resultant boom in the art market, made it a difficult time for a young artist to remain sincere without becoming cynical.

- Keith Haring

Education Like

My education was paid for by the RAF Benevolent Fund, so a charity school, run like an orphanage, with uniforms and beatings. It was tough, but it got me to Cambridge - like being a chrysalis suddenly becoming a butterfly.

- Eric Idle

Occupation Lot

For a lot of people, becoming an author is a change in occupation... they are coming from something that totally has nothing to do with this. If they are expecting to come into a room full of people praising them, then they are in the wrong place.

- Eric Jerome Dickey

Engage Socially

Mobile Messaging is rapidly becoming the primary way users engage socially on mobile.

- Keith Teare

Luck Big

For any band that ends up becoming really big, yeah, hard work has something to do with it, but a lot of it is just pure luck.

- Kellin Quinn

Learn Republican

If the Republican Party does not learn to understand unmarried women as the political force and potent voting bloc that they have become, we risk becoming the minority party.

- Kellyanne Conway

Work Kind

The kind of job where you come in and work 9 to 5, and where someone tells you what to do all day is becoming scarcer and scarcer.

- Erik Brynjolfsson

Always Exploding

I always had this notion of a noir novel in Galway. The city is exploding, emigration has reversed, and we are fast becoming a cosmopolitan city.

- Ken Bruen

Grandmother Also

My mother gave me a pair of diamond earrings when I was 13. It symbolised becoming a teenager. I also remember getting a collection of costume jewellery from my grandmother when I was in high school.

- Erin Wasson

Through Which

For me, acting is a series of impressions rather than trying to find one line through to the end, which risks becoming more of a presentation.

- Ken Stott

Book Chance

Realistically, the chance of any book becoming a film is slim.

- Kenneth Oppel

Some Succession

The most that one of Jewish faith can do - and some have gladly done it - is to say that Jesus was the greatest in the long succession of Jewish prophets. None can acknowledge that Jesus was the Messiah without becoming a Christian.

- Kenneth Scott Latourette

Films TV

As we watch TV or films, there are no organic transitions, only edits. The idea of A becoming B, rather than A jumping to B, has become foreign.

- Esa-Pekka Salonen

Think I Think

There is nothing wrong with becoming more ambitious along the way, but I think what the government has asked the council to do is a perfectly good starting point.

- Estelle Morris

Going Certainly

Anything that opens you up emotionally is going to impact your acting. Parenthood, becoming a mom, certainly does that.

- Keri Russell

Abuse Importance

When you start becoming really successful, the demons start to tempt you - the demons of vanity and self importance, drug abuse, the feelings of fraudulence. But, it's also a thrill. That's what I found weird.

- Ethan Hawke

Imagine May

I can imagine Iceland becoming a good place to run a controversial Web site. But... Iceland may find itself forced to defend controversial speech.

- Ethan Zuckerman

Through Became

Through travel I first became aware of the outside world; it was through travel that I found my own introspective way into becoming a part of it.

- Eudora Welty

Nature Fact

Physics is becoming so unbelievably complex that it is taking longer and longer to train a physicist. It is taking so long, in fact, to train a physicist to the place where he understands the nature of physical problems that he is already too old to solve them.

- Eugene Wigner

More Democratic

Evidently the arts, all the visual arts, are becoming more democratic in the worst sense of the word.

- Eugenio Montale

I Think Gotten

I think we've gotten to a point where we're becoming really sensitive to things like body dysmorphia, but I think it's gone too far, where people are accusing everyone of hating themselves.

- Euny Hong

Process Which

It is becoming clear that many diseases - especially cancer - are highly complex and may respond better to a multi-drug approach which targets many different aspects of a disease process.

- Eva Vertes

College Price

We know that a college degree is rapidly becoming the price of admission to the global economy.

- Evan Bayh

Billions Almost

We are becoming so accustomed to millions and billions of dollars that 'thousands' has almost passed out of the dictionary.

- Everett Dirksen

Love Desserts

I have dreams of becoming a professional pastry chef and having a little bakery - that's how much I love baking. I love to cook in general, but my heart lies in desserts.

- Kim Barnouin

Mother Ever

There's no doubt that becoming a mother was the greatest thing I'll ever do.

- Kim Basinger

I Think Became

I grew up listening to Jay-Z, and I think the first time I really became obsessed with learning and thinking about lyrics was when I started listening to rap; I was 11, 12, and started becoming aware of music beyond the familiar.

- Ezra Koenig


Building a better life for every child is a lot harder than becoming a world champion. Both goals take dedication and commitment.

- Kim Yuna

Always Putting

Although I always loved reading and putting words on paper, I never thought about becoming a writer until I was twelve.

- Kimberly Willis Holt

Next Before

When I was a kid, I would watch the grands prix. Everyone dreamt of becoming a race driver, while I only started thinking about it when I was 18 or 19. Only at that age did I seriously start thinking about this job. Before then, I would change ideas from one second to the next.

- Kimi Raikkonen

Always Wanting

I went from not knowing anything to becoming really curious and wanting to know and respecting people in the industry, realizing how hard they work. I will always be thankful for 'Top Model' for that.

- Fatima Siad

Steel Immune

Obviously, I'm not a man of steel in that people's words don't affect me. They might hurt me. But I am becoming immune to it as time goes by.

- Fawad Khan

Like Almost

Without sounding too pretentious, I feel my job is almost like becoming a monk or a nun - it's a calling.

- Felicity Jones

Pilot Sure

I'm 100 percent sure I'm becoming a really good helicopter pilot.

- Felix Baumgartner

Here Almost

Now here I am almost 52 years old, it's really easy. I'm way more at peace. But when you're a competitor, and you're as intent on becoming the best in the world as I was, it comes with consequences.

- Kirk Gibson

Embrace Like

I feel like I've matured more musically than I have personally. But I totally embrace what becoming older has to offer. I find the wisdom that comes with each passing year is a trip.

- Kirk Hammett

Ubiquitous Many

Filipino talents and skills are becoming ubiquitous in many parts of the world. Returning Filipino workers have helped improve our skills and technological standards.

- Ferdinand Marcos

Hollywood Streets

I wanted to be an actor from a young age, but actually becoming one and seen the ugly side of the world does feel different and sometimes unwelcome. There are shallow, vapid, untalented people zombieing the streets of Hollywood, adding decadence and immorality to an already extravagant business.

- Fran Kranz

Some Became

It was hard at school because, growing up, some people wanted to be friends with me just because they wanted to get to my dad and say that they had met him and had gone to our house. I didn't understand it at the time, but the older I got and the more aware of it I became, it started becoming hard.

- Francia Raisa

Die Lives

If you die you're completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I'm not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I've got.

- Kurt Cobain

Big Very

We are a very big and vast Government, and naturally, every ministry is becoming bigger and bigger. It becomes, therefore, essential that there should be proper coordination.

- Lal Bahadur Shastri

Charge Which

The job of mayor and Governor is becoming more and more like the job of university president, which I used to be; it looks like you are in charge, but you are not.

- Lamar Alexander

Ideals Commodity

Movies are more than a commodity. Movies are to our civilization what dreams and ideals are to individual lives: They express the mystery and help define the nature of who we are and what we are becoming.

- Frank Pierson

Patriot Act

Today it is becoming harder to speak out, with the inception of the Patriot Act, the president has legislated free speech to be a crime.

- Frank Serpico

Art Good Art

The art market is global now, and there's becoming more of an international consensus about what constitutes good art.

- Larry Gagosian