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Nothing Best Cent

Without good horses, you are nothing. In polo, it's 70 per cent horse, 30 per cent rider. And I have the best horses.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Work Year Right

If you have the right horses and the right team, that's the way to succeed. But you have to work, and you have to improve. Every year, you must get better.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

I Am Happen Polo

I'm just happy with what I am, and I happen to be a polo player.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Always Grow Polo

I've always helped polo to grow.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Work Game Believe

I believe in enjoying the game. If you make it too much work, that's not good.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Want Always More

I always want more glory. Always.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Makes Best Players

Intuition is what makes the best players.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Through Prepare Shines

The best decisions are taken quickly and well. You can prepare yourself, have all aspects of the game thought through, but the one who shines on the pitch is the one with intuition.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

My Life Old The Only Thing

I am no David Beckham. I have not changed my life since I was 15 years old. My family is the only thing that has changed for me.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Always Play Explain

I just play, that's all. When I'm in the field, I always connect with what I'm doing. I can't explain it. I can't control it. It just happens.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Play Plays Argentina

In Argentina, you do what your father does. If your father plays football, you play football. If your father plays polo, you play polo.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Never Will Millionaire

I will never be a millionaire, and I don't want to be.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

My Life Very Go Home

I am very happy with my life, but seven or eight months a year, I am away from home. I want to go home - that's the truth.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Aim Everybody Triple

Everybody is talking about the Triple Crown, but I want to win the Open. That is my aim.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Best Putting Pressure

Pressure brings out the best in me. It's the only way to keep improving: putting a bit of pressure on yourself.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Want Very Young

You can decide at 17 that you want to be a professional player. In Argentina, they start very young. They go to school in the morning and then do polo in the afternoon.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Work Couple Every Day

I have to look after myself. I go to the gym every day; I have physio every day, I have a couple of guys that work with my body a lot.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Will School High

I want to finish high school, but that will be it.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Other Say Pressure

I don't care what other people say. The important pressure, you put on yourself. The pressure that others put on you? I ignore it.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

Wanted Total Players

I wanted total control and leadership. I wanted to buy the horses and choose the players.

- Adolfo Cambiaso

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Work Before Mixed

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

- A. A. Milne

Work Social About

My work is not directly about the social or political.

- A. Balasubramaniam

Work Understand Knew

There are a lot of people who know me who can't understand for the life of them why I would got to work on something as unserious as baseball. If they only knew.

- A. Bartlett Giamatti

Love Every Day Fed

Humans should always exercise and watch what they eat. So with your pet, make sure they get enough exercise, make sure they're getting fed at the same time every day and getting the nutrition they need. And make sure they get a lot of love and attention you both need. That's why you have them!

- Alison Sweeney

Other About Every Day

The best thing about having your brother in the same sport as you means you can go out and train together every day, and we can push each other on. That's something many of our rivals don't have when training day in day out.

- Alistair Brownlee

Like Person Every Day

What I like about acting is that you can be a different person every day.

- Allegra Versace

Work Built Owner

The best are the ones built without controversy, when the owner, the architect, and the builder work together.

- A. James Clark

Work Own Your

It's nice to work with your own alma mater.

- A. James Clark

Work Home Office

I don't do office work at home.

- A. K. Antony

Work Work Hard Aim

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place - that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Having Country Every Day

Of course, for me, having served 22 years in the military and to have the opportunity to continue to serve my country is a great honor and is a privilege. So that's what makes it special each and every day.

- Allen West

Always Cut Every Day

I try to always have a hair cut that I don't have to style every day, so I'll usually just let my hair air dry.

- Allison Williams

Like Every Day Every

I grill, like, every day.

- Allison Tolman

About Feels Every Day

Someone asked me about how it feels to wear the same costume every day and whether it gets tired or boring, but the good thing about it is that you know what to expect, every day.

- Allison Tolman

Other Play Younger

I don't really know, I was thinking about that the other day that there aren't a lot of younger up and comers that I'm that interested in, in the comedy world. Everyone seems to be trying to play it safe.

- Tim Heidecker

Play Appropriate Realised

If we had, we would have realised sooner that Indigenous organisations are sometimes not the appropriate channel for programmes to help the stolen generations, because many of them play little part in Indigenous associations.

- Malcolm Fraser

Never Play Sand

I dig in the sand, and I play with pretty pictures, so I never really left kindergarten.

- Sarah Parcak

Cut Play Transferred

When you play professionally, you get accustomed to turnover. Players come and go - they get injured, they get transferred, they get cut from the team. Coaches are hired, and coaches are fired. It's just part of the world you live in.

- Tim Howard

Very Figure Play

There are very few young goalkeepers who play at the top level. Most goalkeepers figure it out as time goes on.

- Tim Howard

Play Kid Michael Jordan

I grew up a Michael Jordan fan; that was my first idol. But my true sports idol was Deion Sanders: he was the person I always wanted to be. I wanted to play two sports professionally, which would never happen, but to me, that was every kid's dream.

- Tim Howard

Always Play How

I always wondered how it would be to put on a Braves uniform and play in Atlanta.

- Tim Hudson