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Active Super Great Life

I have a great life and I'm super active.

- A. J. Langer

Super Dumb Unpredictable

It's a combination of life being unpredictable, and you being super dumb.

- Aaron Sorkin

Very Active Go

I personally am very active with the women's prison association, and I designed a locket, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the women's prison association.

- Alysia Reiner

Active Could Only

In my position, I could be a debutante. But we only got to this position by being a politically active family.

- Amy Carter

Will More Active

Studies have shown that people who are physically active sleep better than those who are sedentary. The more energy you expend during the day, the sleepier you will feel at bedtime.

- Andrew Weil

My Life Active Fighter

The way I lived my life, I truly wasn't an active resistance fighter.

- Angela Merkel

Active Imagination

I have an active imagination.

- Anya Taylor-Joy

Very School Active

I was very active but I was dyslexic and had a really hard time at school.

- Ashley Scott

Super Okay Religious

I'm not super, super religious. If this is okay to say, I'm more culturally Jewish.

- Abbi Jacobson

Form Super Companies

Super early-stage companies have a village that form around them for support.

- Aileen Lee

Been Great Life Blessed

I've been blessed. I've had a great life and am continuing to have one.

- Jack Ramsay

Idea Great Life Begins

A great book begins with an idea; a great life, with a determination.

- Louis L'Amour

Had Great Life Wonderful

I have a wonderful husband, and we have had a great life.

- Natalie Babbitt

Want Having Great Life

I'm having a great life, and I want to go on having one.

- Marianne Faithfull

Me Great Life Sorry

Don't feel sorry for me. I've had a great life, great friends.

- O. J. Simpson

Great Life Able Ebb

A great life is to be able to ebb and flow.

- Robin Wright

Super Still Thumb

If I'm super scared or sick, I'll still suck my thumb.

- Ron Funches

Super Extremely Dad

I grew up with an extremely funny dad, and my mom is super funny.

- Paula Pell

Super Fit Straight

I thought I'd have the baby, and get super fit and strong straight away.

- Zoe Foster Blake

Super Excited Actress

I'm such a fan of Shailene Woodley, so I'm super excited to see all her stuff. She's an awesome actress.

- Zoey Deutch